Green Party Minneapolis City Councilmember Cam Gordon launches 2009 re-election campaign

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David Strand of the Minnesota Greens and Lavendar Greens has sent this out to the Green Party NC:

It is critical for us here in Minnesota that we re-elect our well respected city council member Cam Gordon who represents the 2nd Ward in Minneapolis He can recieve a max of $100.00 contributions towards his campaign in 2008 and a max of $300.00 in all of 2009 so early money is very very helpful. Any amount you could contribute before the new year I am sure would be most welcome!

We do not know for sure who his opponent will be but it looks like a strong bid is going to come from a graduate student from the University of Minnesota within the ward who is an architecht, was a delegate to the
Democratic National Convention and happens to be openly gay. I am aware that this opponent is drawing lots of support from gay community members from outside the district who see it as an opportunity to elect another
openly gay person to the city council(there are currently 3 out of 13 city council members who are openly gay in Minneapolis). So, there may be funding available to this challenger that might not be available to other
challengers. Regardles of who the challenger is Cam Gordon’s campaign will need to have ample funding and campaign support. He was elected with just over 100 votes. He has been a fantastic city council member and I think he will have the full support of long term members of the district who are not Democratic Party activists of which there are many in the district. More money and volunteers and creativity are needed for this race because the district has alot of students encompassing the university who need to be reintroduced and re-engaged in local politics every year.

David Strand
Lavender Greens Delegate
Politics Chair of MN Greens

13 thoughts on “Green Party Minneapolis City Councilmember Cam Gordon launches 2009 re-election campaign

  1. jmgopher

    Charles Carlson is going to be tough to beat. He has a good team, funds, wicked website , and he really knows his stuff. I wandered by a dorm party he was speaking at last week and listened for a bit. This guy totally understands policy. And frankly, he he seems like he can do a better job than Cameron. Gordon is really going to have a fight with this one. My money is on Carlson.

    Plus his slogan rocks – Moving Forward Together!

  2. rschnei

    I dunno, jmgopher, I kinda think he has no chance. The only chance he’s got is that he is more likely to get endorsed by the democratic party, and people will vote for him when they see his name on the ballot next to DEMOCRAT, and the scary ‘INCUMBENT’ next to Cam Gordon.

    Cam’s doing a great job now, and he shouldn’t be replaced. He understands the issues concerning Ward 2, and he’s highly involved. Plus, how long has Charles Carlson been living in this city? Certainly Cam’s been in office in city council longer than that.

    If you want to compare websites, take a look at Gordon’s, it’s pretty kick ass and out there about what he’s up to. He maintains a blog for Ward 2 issues that goes back two years.

    Ward 2 blog:

  3. mnrox.boowisc

    I agree with jmgopher. I looked at Gordon’s blog but could barely get through it with as many spelling and grammatical errors it has. I would hope a teacher like Cam could spell important words… like iMportant – not iNportant. (Sorry, English major)

    Cam has lived here for a while, but that is not necessarily a qualification in this ward. Part of the population is in a constant recycling shift – nearly half of the ward is comprised of students. Can you tell me in Cam’s old age he can better empathize and represent this population? I certainly hope you take a hard look before you answer. Think of the students who have been beaten to blindness, murdered, raped, mugged. When I called Cam’s office he had no solution, not even a suggestion. You are right, he is a nice guy, but he just replied with, “What should we do?” I want a Councilman who at least throws some ideas around.

    This is where I think Carlson has a great shot. He can empathize and represent students in a way that Cam cannot. Aside from this, he works for an Architectural firm – which by the way, DOES have roots to Ward 2 longer than Cam’s having designed the Mondale School of Law and the Humphrey School. He knows urban design and sustainability, Cam doesn’t. If Charles Carlson were on the council, the LRT Central Corridor probably would be underground, funded, and not a concern to business like it is.

    Charles Carlson has experience. For being as young as he is, he has done a lot. He knows his stuff. At a young age he was able to stand up for education funding on a national stage. Not only this, he spoke at the Diversity Dinner at the New York Stock Exchange with Chairman Frank. He has the ability to bring resources to the Ward that Cam, frankly, does not even come close to being able to do.

    Obviously, this is biased. I met Charles at a house party a close friend hosted and I absolutely support him. His answers to questions were thoughtful and I can tell he truly cares. If anyone wants to meet with him, he makes time. I am meeting with him over coffee this Tuesday.

    Comparing websites, I totally disagree with you, Rschnei. Cam Gordon’s website is not union made, some of the voting information doesn’t work, and it is not up to date. He is still advertising his kick off event from 2 weeks ago. BTW – he had his event at Overflow. The owner of Overflow also runs “Project Genesis,” – an abstinence only education program. I don’t know why Cam would be supporting that…

    I guess I can’t say who I think will win because I do not know about polls and political statistics. But I DO know who I hope wins, and that is Charles Carlson.

  4. rschnei

    Uh oh, transit– I like this issue. Jim Oberstar, Met Council and the U Regents are all involved in decisions regarding light rail and the central corridor. As everyone knows, the U Regents were already waffling on whether or not the central corridor light rail transit route should have a northern alignment somewhere close to Como (this was also their heavy preference), so it’s no surprise that they’d continue waffling about the details once the decision was made by the Met Council to go with Washington Ave alignment. As far as I understand, the tunnel would also not technically be in ward 2, and there may still be a chance for a tunnel. I’m personally skeptical though; I’d hoped that that new stadium wouldn’t go in too, but the U of M pretty much strongarmed the whole community into it. Where was _anyone_ then?

    Although it is true that more people should be pushing for a tunnel (I am a supporter of a tunnel), the people to blame for the current situation do not include Cam Gordon. If you can place blame on him for it, you can place blame on yourself and every other citizen of Minneapolis for it, including Charles Carlson. (Also, where’s RT? If he’s a possible Obama pick for Transit Secretary, shouldn’t he have raised a bigger stink about a lack of a tunnel?– No, he and City Council were too busy making sure the new 35W bridge would be prepared for rail transit.)

    I couldn’t confirm the Inland Office for Tomorrow’s Architecture roots as being in Ward 2 (they’re currently located in Ward 8), but since you have some insider information I’d be curious!

    Certainly, many people are constantly coming and going from Ward 2, and particularly the Como neighborhood and other areas north of the University that are full of students, as well as the West Bank neighborhoods that are full of new immigrants. Ward 2 also consists of some neighborhoods that do not consist so heavily of students, but also more long-time residents. If you take a look at some of Gordon’s involvement in these neighborhoods (particularly with the Somali community, although he has some involvement with combating drinking problems in university neighborhoods), he’s already been working to address issues specific to these groups. This is important to note, because you’ve mentioned an English major and may not have interacted much outside of student communities.

    I guess I wonder mainly why you say that a council member such as Gordon is “out of touch”. If you’ve kept up with local politics prior to Carlson’s campaign launch or read local email lists, you’d notice that Gordon is an involved participant in discussion– and stays connected with citizens (and in the process attending a _lot_ of community meetings). This is why people like myself are a bit interested to see that someone like Charles Carlson has declared to be running under grounds of understanding the issues specific to his ward– we have never heard of him before outside of his support for Hillary in the previous presidential election. The issues he cites as having experience with are issues involving the GLBTQIA community, and these are issues which do not necessarily concern Ward 2 in specific, and rather would be worth addressing a different level altogether (for instance, these are issues found in every ward, in every city, in every state). If you’re concerned of a perceived lack of support on these issues by Cam Gordon, you might take a look at his party affiliation. The Minnesota Green party contains a caucus devoted to GLBTQIA issues, and according to some, the Minnesota Lavender Greens caucus may be one of the more active chapters out of the national organization.

    I see you made reference to Overflow, too. I’m not sure any events put on by the Gordon campaign in this prominent Ward 2 establishment are any sign of endorsement of abstinence only sex education. Hasn’t Charles Carlson had campaign events in bars? What connections could one make with that? Are you also suggesting that the owner of Overflow has connections to the school board that we should be worried about? I personally would not be a fan of any abstinence-oriented or religious-based education in public schools, however one must acknowledge that there are a plethora of churches in Ward 2 ranging from liberal to fundamentalist. Are you suggesting that these peoples’ beliefs are not worth acknowledgment?

    For a frame of reference, I may seem to have a clear bias, but as far as I am concerned the facts point in one direction for my support in Ward 2 city council elections. I’m not currently connected with Cam Gordon in any way, and do not personally _live_ in Ward 2, although I do do business and spend a substantial amount of time there that I feel like my opinions are worth voicing. My current connections to Gordon are: reading that city politics email list I’d mentioned, doing my civic duty to stay involved.

    If you have any questions about any of the information in this comment, please ask about my sources!

  5. mnrox.boowisc

    From what I understand, city council does have jurisdiction over things above and under ground. So I do not see where a tunnel would make the LRT outside the boundary of the 2nd ward.

    I met with Charles over coffee and we chatted at length. His firm is a Parker Design Company. He told me that his office is right next to Leonard Parker, one of the worlds most respected and historic architects. Architecture is not my forte, but looking at the PDI website, it looks like they have a very impressive portfolio, with many projects in Minneapolis and the 2nd Ward.

    I don’t think it is fair to attack Charles’ accomplishments. At his young age, he represented MN on a National Stage as well as push for crucial change. Accessible education and equal rights are nothing to be condescended.

    Charles said that he has been in the Minneapolis area for a few years. To be honest, I don’t care how long he or Gordon have been here. What I do care about is being effective. I read Gordon’s blog and it was incredibly poorly written.

    I think having a fundraising event in a restaurant/bar, like Doron Clark in the 1st ward having an event at the Local, is entirely acceptable. Having an event where money is given to an owner who also runs abstinence only education programs is disgusting. The two don’t compare.

    I understand I am defending Charles. As I said before, I heard him at a house party and felt inspired. I have tried to get a hold of Gordon’s office and never had a call back. Carlson followed up with me and even had coffee with me. I don’t think Gordon is a bad person, I just think Charles Carlson can do a better job.

    One thing though, I told Charles I wish he had a blog/forum for this kind of stuff and he mentioned he has a facebook group which he hopes will be a great place for this kind of discussion. If anyone here hasn’t checked it out, go take a look. In a few weeks he already has over 600 supporters!

    The other thing, Mr. Rschnei, Cam has really dropped the ball on the Washington Ave bridge construction. The ordinance outlawing bicycling is really pissed off a lot of us students. Why doesn’t Cam ever show up to a student group meeting to tell us what the hell is going on!!

  6. Chris

    Cam adheres to Green Party key values like supporting the local economy and small businesses, as opposed to giving corporate welfare to ridiculously rich corporations who do not need any more advantages over small businesses than they already have, and who suck the money out of our local economy without providing much benefit to us. Big corporations take big short cuts that hurt the environment, our health, our communities and our values. Cam doesn’t do their bidding.

    We need people who do what they say, and do more than posture as progressive, but who act progressive and pass legislation that is progressive. We also need diversity in City Hall. A one party government is an unhealthy government, whether the party is the Democrats or any party this is true. Without the Green Party would never have gotten IRV for the city of Minneapolis or other progressive policies. Go Cam Gordon!

  7. Libertarian Joseph

    “Cam adheres to Green Party key values like supporting the local economy and small businesses, as opposed to giving corporate welfare to ridiculously rich corporations who do not need any more advantages over small businesses than they already have, and who suck the money out of our local economy without providing much benefit to us.”

    I’m sure Walmart shoppers would disagree with you. They provide demand, that’s why they’re so big in the first place.

  8. Michael Cavlan

    Interesting little snipped

    Oops. Missed this one in the Green Party paper, Green Pages.

    This is happening tomorrow.

    5CD Special Membership Meeting

    Purpose: To decide whether to unendorse Cam Gordon for City Council – Ward 2

    Date: SATURDAY, June 6th, 2009, 1pm

    Place: Hosmer Library – Meeting Room – 347 East 36th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55408

    General Membership Meeting

    Date: SUNDAY, June 7th, 2009, 1pm

    Place: Powederhorn Park Rec. Ctr. – Multipurpose room – 3400 15th Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN 55407

    12:00 – 12:15 Intro
    12:15 – 12:30 Finance Report
    12:30 – 12:45 Events
    12:45 – 2:45 Endorsement: City Council – Ward 6, Bruce Lundeen and Aman H.D. Obsiye
    2:45 – 3:00 BREAK
    3:00 – 4:00 Endorsement: Jeanine Estime – City Council – Ward 8
    4:00 – 5:00 Elected Officials Report
    5:00 – Announcements
    Screening Documents
    Candidate’s written screenings
    Candidate’s verbal screenings
    Upcoming Meetings

  9. Michael Cavlan


    You are entitled to your opinion, of course.

    You didn’t even ask WHY the Minneapolis GP was thinking about un-endorsing one of their elected GP officials. From, you know people here in Minnesota. Minneapolis even.

  10. Ross Levin

    Isn’t it because he’s been a little too close to the Democrats by their standards, and he made some agreement so that the Democrats wouldn’t run anyone against him?

  11. Steven R Linnabary

    You didn’t even ask WHY the Minneapolis GP was thinking about un-endorsing one of their elected GP officials. From, you know people here in Minnesota. Minneapolis even.

    Michael, here in the LP, you might have noticed that some people say that it is all about winning.

    To hell with principles!


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