Steve Kubby: How the US Government outlawed a harmless, but potent anti-cancer drug

by Steve Kubby.

Yesterday, I received word about a very special lady, who is also my cousin, and who is fighting for her life. Her name is Lisa and she is losing her battle with breast cancer. What saddens me most is that there is an epidemic of breast cancer right now — even though we already possess an effective, nontoxic, and powerful anti-cancer drug that could save her and millions of other women.

Right now, we have the technology and peer-reviewed science to save millions of lives with a harmless extract from the cannabis plant called Cannabidiol, also known as CBD. If you are interested in using a CBD product then you could easily check out a site like just cbd to help you find what you are looking for. Cannabidiol is totally safe and non-psychoactive, and CBD based products like thought cloud are being used for therapeutic by many of its users. It may be a good idea to have a look at hl comic’s thought cloud page if you want to learn more about CBD based products. Lives could be saved now, using CBD in cannabinoid lozenges, produced by a company I founded — except for the fact that CBD has been determined by Congress to be a Schedule 1 Drug.

CBD alone is not intoxicating, but it appears to relieve convulsion, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea, and to inhibit cancer cell growth. Recent studies have shown cannabidiol to be as effective as atypical antipsychotics in treating schizophrenia. In November 2007, it was reported that CBD reduces growth of aggressive human breast cancer cells in vitro and reduces their invasiveness. It thus represents the first non-toxic exogenous agent that can lead to down-regulation of tumor aggressiveness. It is also a neuroprotective antioxidant that provides powerful protection from paralysis in spinal injuries. You can learn more here about CBD, it’s effects, and some of the products that have been made from it.

CBD works by blocking the activity of a gene called Id-1 which is believed to be responsible for the aggressive spread of cancer cells away from the original tumour site – a process called metastasis. Past work has shown CBD can block aggressive human brain cancers. The latest work found CBD appeared to have a similar effect on breast cancer cells in the lab.

CBD is totally safe and completely non-psychoactive. The US government not only knows about CBD, it even hold a patent on the use of cannabinoid medicines. So why does our own government continue to make CBD a Schedule 1 Drug and thereby sentence my cousin Lisa to death?

It’s a tragic situation and, in light of the emerging new science supporting CBD, it is criminal for the US government to continue its destructive and misinformed war on the medical use of cannabis.

13 thoughts on “Steve Kubby: How the US Government outlawed a harmless, but potent anti-cancer drug

  1. JimDavidson

    Best wishes to Steve for success in his important work. It would be nice if the government stopped being hateful and tyrannical. Something tells me that isn’t the way to bet, though.

  2. Jeff Brown

    A Schedule I substance is defined as having no medical use. The states have the right to define medical use and 13 states say that cannabis has medical use. The DEA is keeping cannabis illegally in schedule I. The DEA’s own administrative law judge said to move cannabis out of schedule I back in 1988 (Judge Young decision). That was before the states decided cannabis has medical use. Hopefully the new President will do something about this injustice.

  3. Rev. Kevin Loring

    Excellent work on the CBD. I understand how frustrating the government can be. It opens the doors wide for multinational pharmacutical corps that only make money treating cancer, not curing it. Your CBD, which may be a cure, threatens their existence. When more people have cancer, they make money. When more people are TREATED for cancer, they make money. There is no money to be made in curing cancer. It’s a wonderful illustration of how capitalism undermines democracy, truth and freedom and at the same time threatens the lives of millions of Americans. The government should be ashamed of itself. Then again, this is the same government that allows chemotherapy, which kills as many people as it supposedly helps.

  4. Michael H. Wilson

    The sad part is that when this stupidity is over and people have the right to choose we may find that cannabis has a tremendous potential in medicine. It may help with a great many problems.

    Send her our best Steve and keep on fighting and we’ll do the same out here.


  5. It's Official

    Lib Joe has it all in a nut shell —- alright three nut shclls. As much as I ‘feel’ for good up right citizens caught in this stupid political trap. As much as I empathize with folks whose very lives are being played with as pawns in this vote grubbing game. If it is a matter of life and death, and you are on some kind of cash and carry disability, then move to Mexico, Canada, Holland, Britain, Spain. Your feet are not stuck to the ground. Wanna add years to your life? Quit fighting the illogical, tax funding establishment and set out for parts more humane and less insane!

    —– Donald Raymond Lake

    619.420.0209, any time

  6. joetauke

    Our Trackback feature never works, so I’ll mention that I covered this over at MPP:

    “To be perfectly clear – Cannabidiol cannot get you high. Period. Unlike countless things that are sold over the counter in any drug store, like Robitussin, Benadryl, Nyquil, glue, highlighters, and even fertilizer. And then there’s the never-endingly long list of substances that can get you extremely high with a simple prescription. But because Cannabidiol is connected to marijuana in the same way that O’Douls is connected to a keg of Heineken, it has been banned in the United States. You know, for your own good.”


  7. travis

    wow i didn’t know pot could kill breast cancer too, are u freaking serious? i heard about it curing rick simpsons’s cancer, whatever type that was… since you make the medicine though why don’t you just take it to your dying cousin? put some of them dank buds in a vaporizer and let her hit them, or make her some brownies or cake or something, just make sure you let the bud cook on the stove in the butter for at least an hour and a half… yea the government sucks on the pot laws… they are about power and money, not about helping people… it’s kind of like marx said, that government is but a committe of the ruling elite… the same people that runt he pharm companies also cut down the trees and make nylon rope and generally run things… i suppose it’s a battle really and who wins all battles? whoever is the strongest, it’s not who’s right or better but who fights the hardest and wants it the most type stuff perhaps…. all write well i’m generally rambling now and my time is almost up here at the public library, peace 🙂

  8. robert appleton

    We know of the healing properties and we teach it to our members. We have many ways to help a patient medicate. Read our book: The Feel Good CookBook, for medical marijuana patients. We need to STOP arresting the patients and ARREST THEIR PAIN

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