Australian Sex Party ‘comes of age,’ gets registered by the government

Email from the Australian Sex Party:

Well its official. We are now a registered political party, entitled to take our place on the ballot paper up there with the big boys and also eligible for public funding of our election campaigns should we get more than four per cent of the primary vote.

Its not easy getting a political party registered. Neither should it be. You don’t want every ideologue or collective in the country appearing on the ballot paper at election time. It’s also quite expensive and requires a fair degree of political acumen to see this thing through to the end. And then you also have to deal with the often vindictive and defamatory claims of people who formally object to the party, in a measured way. That’s not easy when objectors like Mr and Mrs Phillip Robinson from the ACT claimed that the party convenor and it’s public officer are involved in abusing asian sex workers, running illegal brothels, destroying the innocence of minors and generally corrupting public morality.

But we finally got through all that and have joined the other 27 registered political parties in Australia. Sex Party members should all take a bow for supporting this historic event. We set a precedent with the Australian Electoral Commission as they had to investigate whether the party’s name was obscene for the purposes of a political party. Their five page report (attached) makes fascinating reading and shows just how much concern it did cause.

The listing of the party on the register of political parties caused a lot of media attention over the weekend and visits to our site have trebled over the past few days. There are hundreds of media stories online and thousands of blogs have referred to it.

But now the really hard work begins as we flesh out our policies and begin the search for candidates. Fund raising also begins and this is where the really hard yards will be had. The best estimates are that we need $500,000 to run a successful Senate campaign. It will cost us something like $20,000 just in nomination fees alone, so we need members and supporters alike to start thinking of creative ways to raise funds or to get our message out to potential voters.
Attached is our media release as well as the Electoral Commission documents.
All the best,

Robbie Swan
Public Officer
Australian Sex Party

Australian Sex Party Media Release

The Australian Sex Party has been officially registered by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) following a number of objections from members of the public..

The application set a precedent for the AEC. It had to consider whether registration of the party offended against Section 129(1)(b) of the Commonwealth Electoral Act and whether the name of the party and/or its abbreviation may have held to be ‘obscene’. This issue has never previously arisen before in Australian electoral history or psephological enquiry. read more

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