Green Party Watch: Green Party’s invitation to Van Jones makes waves

Dave Schwab writes at Green Party Watch,

The Green Party’s press release inviting recently-ousted White House green jobs advisor Van Jones to join the Greens, potentially as a candidate, has been making the rounds, starting with a story on influential Washington blog The Hill that speculated that Greens are looking to Jones as a future presidential candidate.

Then Environmental Leader picked up the story, taking it a step further than The Hill with the headline “Green Party Considers Van Jones for Presidential Run”.

Hip Hop Wired joined in, with some of the most interesting commentary yet:

Following the leaks, he found himself silenced saying what millions of people were thinking, and had to formally “resign.” Now he’s getting his past due and will reportedly be the Green Party’s candidate for President in the 2012 election. The Green Party is sticking up for the brother and denouncing the Republican party for attacking Black politicians…

Rosa Clemente, 2008 Green Vice-presidential candidate, also spoke her mind in a guest post on PBS host Tavis Smiley’s blog.

A “Draft Van Jones for Governor of California” facebook page, encouraging Jones to seek the Green nomination for the California governor’s race in 2010, is up and running. If you agree with Van Jones’ vision of solving our economic and ecological crises at the same time with green public works, join the group and spread the word.

In the comments, Ronald Hardy points out

Don’t get me wrong, I think the media attention is GREAT! However the presumption that the Green Party could have a “presumptive” nominee for President is quite amusing, especially this early. If the Green Party “crowned” candidates Ralph Nader likely wouldn’t have run as an Independent in 2004. It was the Green Party’s insistence on a democratic process for determining our Presidential nominee that led to Nader hedging his bets and going Independent in 2004 (IMHO).

Still – LOVE the media play out of it!

4 thoughts on “Green Party Watch: Green Party’s invitation to Van Jones makes waves

  1. Trent Hill

    I think Nader went independent because he didn’t like the baggage associated with the Greens.

  2. paulie Post author

    Whether that is true or not, I think the point is that media outlets such as the ones passing around stories that the Green Party is offering Jones their nomination are ignorant of how the Green Party nomination process works.

    The same is true in regards to other alternative parties.

  3. Danny S

    Did ya’ll see the letter Van Jones sent out to supporters?

    He mentioned some people wanted him to work on “the outside.” He obviously has been following the story quite intently.

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