Another independent in the NJ gubernatorial race polls 12%

From PolitickerNJ:

Relishing a Fairleigh Dickinson University poll this morning that shows him at 12% when Chris Daggett’s name is removed from a sample ballot and substituted with the name of another independent, indie candidate Gary Steele took the swap-in free advert as a boost to his long-long-long-shot campaign for governor.

This raises a big question about the viability of the ballot design in New Jersey.  On most ballots in New Jersey, Democrats and Republicans are featured prominently, while all independents and third party candidates are literally marginalized.  If an independent can poll 12% when his name is substituted for the popular independent Daggett’s name, how will the ballot design affect the vote for independent candidates in November?  If that poll is any indication, confusion will be the norm and the results of the election could be unfairly skewed because of a faulty ballot.

One thought on “Another independent in the NJ gubernatorial race polls 12%

  1. Peter M.

    This might mean that whichever candidate is listed third on the ballot in any particular area might pick up much of the third-party and independent vote in that particular area. Having received an absentee ballot for Morris County earlier today, I’ll be watching to see if this ends up playing out. However, absentee ballots and regular ballots are set up differently.

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