California College Sponsors 5-Party Debate in Special U.S. House Race

Hat/tip to Ballot Access News for the link and the headline

(excerpt from) Danville Express News/Danville Weekly
Congressional candidates debate from left to right
by Dave Roberts

The five candidates seeking to represent the 10th Congressional District [in California] break down into a group of three on the left and two on the right as revealed in a forum at Saint Mary’s College on Monday night.

Ranging from political left to right are: self-described socialist Mary McIlroy from El Cerrito of the Peace and Freedom Party; Jeremy Cloward from Pleasant Hill of the Green Party; liberal Democrat John Garamendi from Walnut Grove; conservative Republican David Harmer, a San Ramon resident; and libertarian Jerry Denham from Walnut Creek, representing the American Independent Party.

State Lt. Gov. Garamendi is the presumed front-runner in Tuesday’s election [November 3rd] to replace Ellen Tauscher, who resigned in June to take a job in the U.S. State Department.

5 thoughts on “California College Sponsors 5-Party Debate in Special U.S. House Race

  1. Don Lake, late at night

    Lots of positive messages ??????

    Saint Mary’s College of California
    PO Box 4800
    Moraga, CA 94575
    (800) 800-4SMC

    Ah John Garamendi, the Lt. Governor with no direct duties to the lethal and failed CALVETS and CDVA. So he appoints a do nothing hack to play to the Democratic Party constituent base. Two troubles with Wade Sanders. His paradigm was to support any veteran killing official, Democrat or GOP. He also had an over whelming Kiddie Porn collection. Thanks John Garadendi, for every thing!

  2. Pro-Pot Anti-Pot

    Yes, Saint Mary’s College is a great college. I’ve heard that a past frequent IPR commenter used to go there, is that true?

    Go Garamendi! He will be a great congressman! But if any of the third parties or Harmer endorse the pro-pot anti-pot strategy, it’s not too late for them to win.

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