Village Voice does three-page, home-stretch interview with Rev. Billy for Mayor

(excerpt from) Village Voice
Home Stretch Interview with Reverend Billy, Candidate for Mayor of New York

by Roy Edroso in Conversations, Featured, Mayoral Race 2009 / Tuesday, Oct. 27 2009  6:18PM

…[Reverend Billy Talen says] I believe the local rights movement will continue — after 16 years of Giuliani and Bloomberg, all over the five boroughs people have battled with the city and the city’s business partners, the landlord-developers. So we have a lot of grizzled veterans. And I think Bloomberg, if he should win — and Thompson isn’t that much better — but if he should win, he may very well have such a strong shadow government I don’t think he’ll be able to govern…

The neighborhoods have developed their own economies and their own governments. People are running their own lives… they’re bartering, they’re making things in their garages, they’re being of service to their neighbors, getting food from farmers’ markets… the City has declared itself to be in opposition to generative local economies…

You ever hear the expression, “The revolution of everyday life”? That’s what we have here. We have to make change by discovering a kind of neighborhood intimacy. and I believe that for us and our 1400 volunteers, the great people who were part of this, that’s what we keep coming back to: we’re changing our lives.

What is the city? We’re the city. The “City” will go on with its bubble economy. But we have homes, loved ones, children. And as the corporations fade away we’re starting our own companies, we’re making our own arrangements, we’re counting on our neighbor’s genius to help pull us through. As we say in the Church of Life After Shopping, Change-allujah!

8 thoughts on “Village Voice does three-page, home-stretch interview with Rev. Billy for Mayor

  1. Kimberly Wilder

    I didn’t realize that Brittney Spears and Joan Jett both live in Arlington, VA.

    Wish those two wild women would pay attention to the important work of local, state, and US Green Party races, and stop veering important conversations to Tunisia…

    There is enough of that with the Green Pages and the all-powerful, GP-US International Committee…

  2. Don Lake, late at night

    Kim: maybe the ladies are just sick and tired of the wacko domestic fail -at -every -turn operations of local, state, and USA greens. Look no further than P2004. These guys do not WANT to be progressive or sucessful!

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