In Illinois: Democrat lawyers help challenge Green Dan Kairis’ signatures

As reported at Green Party Watch on November 23, 2009, by Ron Hardy:

In a challenge filed against the petition signatures of Green Party Congressional candidate Dan Kairis, the challenger suggests that Kairis’ own mother’s signature is a forgery. Kairis was only required to file 38 signatures to get on the ballot. He filed 62.

Christina Tobin of Free and Equal is defending Kairis, who is running for the 14th Congressional District in Illinois, in the challenge.

The Daily Herald writes:

Tobin said the lawyers for Cattron’s challenge [Jean Cattron, of Elgin, Illinois] are well-connected to the Illinois Democratic Party and represent “frivolous objections.”

“This is literally an objection in bad faith,” Tobin said. “The voters deserve voices and choices. There’s no limit to how far these (party) leaders will go to ensure voice and choice stays off the ballot.”

4 thoughts on “In Illinois: Democrat lawyers help challenge Green Dan Kairis’ signatures

  1. paulie

    I wonder if any of those Democratic Party lawyers are on the state clock while issuing their spurious challenges?

    In the past, we have discovered that Republican Party operatives who were challenging Libertarian signatures in Illinois were in fact state workers, illegally doing political party work while on the clock, who worked in a building connected by an underground tunnel to the elections office.

    Threatening to expose that little ploy, along with the Republicans’ preoccupation with their US Senate candidate’s sex scandal and the fact that their national convention was held too late to legally place their presidential candidate on the Illinois ballot, was how the Libertarians were able to be on the Illinois ballot in 2004. If the signatures had been challenged, we wouldn’t have had enough.

  2. Mik Robertson

    There have been recent indictments in Pennsylvania regarding state workers doing political work on the clock. It seems even bonuses were handed out to state workers for efforts to keep Ralph Nader off the ballot in 2004. This would not be an unusual tactic.

  3. Scott Lieberman

    Why are government bureaucrats so willing to order their employees to break the law?

    1. It helps the bureaucrats advance up the career ladder

    2. The love of power is the root of all evil

  4. Kimberly Wilder

    Sideways to the Illinois situation, but connected to the discussion about “hmmmm…are government workers being used or influenced to do petition challenges????”…

    I think it is funny that this story came to my attention today.

    Evidently, the two states with the biggest state legislative’s staffs are New York (where people always say we have arcane election law, and unfair ballot access) and Pennsylvania. We know the drill in Pennsylvania…

    Employing more than 2,700 people, New York’s Legislature has a larger staff than every other state but one (Pennsylvania). Florida, with nearly the same population, has a legislative staff of 1,570. Even California, twice New York’s size, has 650 fewer people on its Legislature’s payroll.

    Should someone do a study and see if there are any comparisons, direct rations between size of a state’s legislative staff and “petition challenges” or “non-major party candidates on the ballot” or “ballot access overall”? Might be interesting.

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