ID: Independent Candidate for Governor Passes Petition Threshold

Jana Kemp is running for governor of Idaho as an independent in 2010.  The former Republican state representative has announced that she has amassed the necessary signatures to qualify for ballot access, as reported by the Idaho Statesman.  Kemp remarks that some were hesitant to sign her petition “because their names would be public and they feared retaliation.”

Former GOP lawmaker Jana Kemp said Monday that she’s collected enough signatures to qualify for the ballot as an independent candidate for governor in 2010.

Kemp, a moderate who represented District 16 in northwest Boise and Garden City from 2004 to 2006, plans a Jan. 5 press conference to officially launch her campaign . . .

Independents officially qualify for the November general election ballot by submitting petitions with 1,000 signatures from registered voters. While Kemp says she’s easily met that threshold, she can’t file the signatures with the Secretary of State until the candidate filing period in March.  . . .

Kemp said she and volunteers collected about 1,700 signatures and that more than 1,400 have been verified as registered voters by county clerks in 32 of Idaho’s 44 counties. Kemp said most of the signatures were gathered at county fairs in Twin Falls and Nez Perce counties in September and at a November gun show at the Western Idaho Fairgrounds in Garden City.

Kemp estimated that about 30 percent of those approached and favorable to her campaign declined to sign because their names would be public and they feared retaliation.

“For people to be fearful about their signatures being seen on a petition because of repercussions – this is America and that’s not right,” Kemp said. “Some of the same people who expressed concern or hesitance just to sign to get an independent on the ballot also expressed frustration over our current leadership and feel Idaho is not on the right track and that something needs to change.”

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