TPM: Disaffected Democrats Seeking a Third Way

On a reader’s blog at Talking Point Memo, clearthinker has opened a discussion seeking input from supporters of third parties on the advantages of third party strategy and alternatives to the Democratic Party.  As of this posting, there are only sixteen comments on the thread, and only a few of these are from third party supporters.  Clearthinker writes:

There has been much talk about people being dissatisfied with the two major parties (Dem and GOP) — and, in fact, those parties have much in common.  So people are talking about a “real” liberal party (much the same way as some want a “real” conservative party on the right).

If a third party can make a major challenge to the major party, it will have to have some sort of appeal from its planks.  My question:  What is the 3rd party you would identify with?  You will need to justify your response.  It’s easy to say “I’m Green”… but why?  I get that you aren’t Dem or GOP, but why not Peace and Freedom or Democrat Socialist of America?

I’m asking because I don’t believe any of these 3rd parties are any better defined than the present Democrat party.  I would like to generate a discussion showing the parties and why there is one party that disenfranchised Dems should join.  Show us the light!

An influx of IPR commenters at TPM could form the basis of a fruitful discussion.  As clearthinker asks:  show them the light!

9 thoughts on “TPM: Disaffected Democrats Seeking a Third Way

  1. The Last Conservative

    Brown and Joe Kennedy are commies. Vote Coakley for the best chance for the return of absolutist monarchy and feudalism, the true hallmarks of conservatism.

  2. Deran

    with commentorsl like the above, maybe not everyone who posts comments to IPR should be encouraged …

  3. d.eris

    heh. I just signed up for a login at TPM and left a comment in favor of the Greens, Whigs, Libertarians, Pirate and Independents over the Democrats. It only takes a minute to set up the necessary account. This is a good opportunity for outreach, especially for the Greens.

  4. C. T. Weber

    The reason third parties have not been sucessful in recent time is because the elections. Supreme Court rules money is speech. But even more telling is the single member district which has been gerrymandered to be a one party, Democratic or Republican, district. Those with money to invest in elections know which of the 93% of one party districts are Democratic and which ones are Republican, and then invest freely to the party in control. Of course the media covers those campaigns receiving big bucks and ignore those not receiving big bucks because they are frivelous.

  5. C. T. Weber

    I forgot two word at the end of the first sentence: are rigged. the elections are rigged.

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