MA: Independent Gubernatorial Candidate Leads Fundraising Race

The Patriot Ledger reports that independent candidate for Massachusetts governor, Tim Cahill, has more cash on hand than any other candidate for the office:

While it’s not surprising to draw strong support from one’s own district, Cahill faces a tougher fundraising challenge than any of his opponents, who can turn to a defined party base. Cahill quit the Democratic Party over the summer to challenge Gov. Deval Patrick as an independent.

“There’s never been an established fundraising base that’s independent,” Cahill said Tuesday. “It’s not easy to fund-raise from the middle.” . . .

Of the gubernatorial candidates, Cahill has the most cash so far: just over $3 million. Most of it is in a savings account, according to his finance records.

But he also entered the race with a balance already in the millions and has been fundraising at a slower pace than Republican challenger Charlie Baker, who has a balance of about $1.4 million. . . . Republican Christy Mihos, owner of a convenience store chain, has slightly more than $17,000 in his account. [Incumbent Democrat] Patrick has only $644,329.

One thought on “MA: Independent Gubernatorial Candidate Leads Fundraising Race

  1. William Dock Walls

    Throughout the course of our campaign, we have found that the voters of Illinois are very receptive to the idea that an Independent can become Governor. We are delighted to see so many others running beyond the party label. The move towards Independence is a great trend which can be beneficial to people everywhere.

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