Cindy Sheehan to start camping out at Washington Monument on Monday

In a lengthy piece focusing on Cindy Sheehan’s previous efforts, including her independent run for Congress against Nancy Pelosi, the Hill reports:

Five years and a new president later, however, Sheehan will be sleeping under the stars again, and for the same cause. Her new coalition, Peace of the Action, is launching the Camp OUT NOW! tent city at the base of the Washington Monument next week in an effort to get President Barack Obama to pull troops out of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan immediately. (Sheehan concedes that this time around, she will rent a bedroom in which to store her belongings, take showers and occasionally sleep.)

Sheehan could also be over the whole camping thing for another reason: After shutting down Camp Casey, she went places, did things and had experiences previously unthinkable to her. She ran against Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in the 2008 congressional election. In 2009, she went on a 40-city tour for her book Myth America: 10 Greatest Myths of the Robber Class and the Case for Revolution! And just this month, she flew with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on his official plane to conduct an interview for her radio show, “Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox.”

So it’s no wonder there’s a flatness in her voice when she describes her newest push to end America’s wars in the Middle East. Not only has she soared to places far beyond a tent city in Texas, but despite her efforts, she feels her cries have so far gone unheard.

“I’ve [protested] outside the system, I’ve tried to do this inside the system … it’s time to get together and organize things. That’s how you get something done,” she says during a phone interview from Philadelphia, where she is preparing to speak at a conference about how the anti-war movement can work with the 9/11 Truth movement. A day earlier she had returned from a whirlwind trip to Venezuela, where she accompanied Chavez on his trip to Uruguay for new President Jose Mujica’s inauguration.

“It wasn’t closure at all for George Bush to leave office,” she says.

5 thoughts on “Cindy Sheehan to start camping out at Washington Monument on Monday

  1. DR BAD

    Never ceases to amaze me what trash most americans are now. Murder millions of innocent civilians no one cares. invade and occupy countries on lies now one cres. oh but hav sex and its all over the news.
    Cindy is one of the few last true americans.
    every day you lazy selfish greedy cowwards hide in america runing your mouths doining nothing. Except atck those who try.
    America is destroyed. IT does not exist any more. and every day you stay in iraq you dig your hole deeper.
    Barack obam is a coward. same as most americans. every day he and you lie steal and murder from your own troops and children.
    i Have no pity for any of you or your brats.
    Godless baby Murdering War Crimanls.
    Liars, Coward and thieves.
    Drunks Drug addicts and whores.
    But you run that mouth you pig.
    God Bless YOU cindy.
    the rest of you? Rot IN Hell.
    General Dr. Bad.
    Get MY troops out of Iraq.
    YOU go fight.

  2. Green Party fan

    Cindy and her family are kind dedicated folk.

    They all need to be Green Party candidates for Congress this year to maximize their impact for peace…

  3. Green Party fan

    Laura Wells making news…

    Green Party news from
    Green Party Watch Tonight..

    CA Independent Voter Network: Laura Wells offers Green alternative for governor
    March 12th, 2010 by Dave Schwab

    Laura Wells

    California Independent Voter Network has an article about Laura Wells from Chris Hinyub, entitled “Laura Wells offers Green Party alternative in bid for governor”.

    Laura Wells is no stranger to the demands of leadership. During her tenure in numerous county and state-level leadership positions, and her 2002 and 2006 State Controller campaign bids, she personally experienced the state’s bipartisan machinations. From these experiences, she has composed a list of priorities to get California out of debt and protect taxpayer-funded services.

    More Green Party’s Laura Wells

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