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Update on the Rich Whitney campaign for governor in Illinois

Several news items regarding the Green Party candidate or governor, Rich Whitney, in Illinois.

Whitney reacts to Democratic Governor Pat Quinn choosing a running mate from Whitney’s own hometown of Carbondale:

Whitney commented that “Quinn’s selection of a Southern Illinoisan was probably an adroit move on his part. I think it says something about the gathering strength of our own campaign that he decided to try to address my own base of support in this part of the state.”

“Still, I congratulate Sheila Simon on her selection. I know her personally and think highly of her as a person, just as I like Quinn personally. But like many other seemingly ‘good Democrats,’ they are still prisoners of the institution known as the Democratic Party and its reliance on corporate financing. Even the very best, well-intentioned Democrats still heed their masters’ call when their corporate sponsors demand something — and they also are well-trained enough to stay within the bounds of what corporate America deems acceptable public policy.”

The Green candidate says he is troubled by the way state legislators are secretively manipulating pension funds:

Quinn’s Green Party opponent, Rich Whitney, says he is troubled by a move the General Assembly made earlier this week. State Senators called up a bill dealing with how state workers pay into their pensions if they are off work for a period.

“All of a sudden, they added in a complete pension re-write that applied to the state’s pension funds and virtually every other local government pension fund in the state,” Whitney said.

Whitney says the entire bill was written, amended and passed in a matter of hours.

“There was no time for labor, or for anyone in the public, to provide any meaningful input or opposition to the bill,” he said.

He is also in the news for being in favor of creating a state bank.

The Green Party’s Rich Whitney has got some creative ideas that make you realize how slothful the Big Two have grown. One of Whitney’s proposals is to set up a state bank. I’ll let him explain.

“Create a state bank as a repository of all state tax revenues and pension contributions,” he told an ABC News Chicago affiliate recently. “While almost all states are struggling to balance their budgets like Illinois, one exception to the rule is North Dakota — the only state with its own bank.

“Instead of using state funds as a means to further enrich private banks, a state-owned bank could earn additional revenue for the state, while at the same time help spur economic development in Illinois, using the fractional reserve system to extend and expand credit where it is needed most, while borrowing from the Federal Reserve directly at the same one percent rate as commercial banks.”

In addition to creating news, Whitney’s announcement of a budget plan that includes the legalization of marijuana has created a small dialogue about the issue in Illinois:

The Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney unveiled an economic plan for Illinois on March 12, which includes the legalization of marijuana. This is an economically and socially strategic movement, which follows the lead of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Although Whitney’s plan is not wholly an original idea, his advocacy of marijuana legalization surpasses Schwarzenegger’s efforts to “raise the debate” on the topic.


  1. Green Party fan Green Party fan March 30, 2010

    Thank you for the Green Party story.

    Much appreciated, and enjoyed.

  2. Green Party fan Green Party fan March 30, 2010

    Green Party candidate for President in Columbia among three in first TV “Grand Debate”.

    The Green Party candidate is former Bogota mayor and independent Antanas Mockus

    The Grand TV debate featured the Green Party’s Mockus, the Conservative Party’s nominee, and current defense minister Santos for the incumbent party

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