VTDigger.org: Progressive Party ‘is in serious condition’

After some pretty tough losses at the polls in local Burlington elections – the geographical base for the Vermont Progressive Party – VTDigger.org published a piece about the hard times the party is currently facing.

“This is not their death knell,” says Garrison Nelson, a political scientist at the University of Vermont and longtime observer of Burlington politics (he was present at now-U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ mayoral election in 1981).

Prominent Progressive Anthony Pollina, who tied with a Democrat in the race for governor in 2008, said it was a “bad night for Burlington, and anyone who tells you otherwise is dreaming.” Pollina said it was a setback for the party, but not a “major blow.”

Kurt Wright, a newly elected Republican City Council member and IRV repeal proponent, calls the election results a “clear rebuke to the mayor” and a “low-water mark” for the Progressive Party, but he also doesn’t see the party going away anytime soon.

The Progressives’ loss of power is a temporary phenomena, according to Keogh, who has served on the City Council for 14 years.

“The pendulum has swung many ways,” Keogh says. “Now it’s the Progressives who are in the wings rather than in the front portion of the stage.”

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  1. Straight ..........

    from South Dakota

    “Tom Dascle’s Hypocracy
    If anyone needs any more reason to defeat Tom Dascle, all one has to do is look at the new campaign ad that he is running back in South Dakota. he is shown hugging President Bush and praising him for his leadership for the war on terror. Why vote for Dascle when you can get a true friend of George Bush like John Thune”

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