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‘Internal squabbling’ leads to resignation of Arlington, VA Green Party leader

From the Sun Gazette:

Josh Ruebner, who had been elected “facilitator” of the party for 2010, confirmed on April 1 that he had decided to step down.

“After having helped to build up the Arlington Green Party into a serious political force in the county over the past five years, I have decided for personal reasons to relinquish my elected role as the party’s facilitator and to step back from active involvement in the party at this time,” Ruebner told the Sun Gazette.

But in a letter circulated to party leaders, Ruebner was decidedly more specific, blaming “internal conflict and name-calling” within the party and saying he didn’t want to deal with “constant pettiness and provocations I have experienced recently” as leader of the party.

Although its membership is small, the Arlington Green Party did score nearly one-third of the vote in the 2009 County Board race, when Green Party nominee John Reeder was the only challenger to incumbent Democrat Jay Fisette.

Recently, the party has been pressing Arlington elected officials to create a year-round homeless shelter. The party also was behind the push for creation of a quasi-independent housing authority in the county, which was rejected by Arlington voters in 2008, and has signed on in support of the change-of-government proposal currently percolating throughout the county.


  1. Michael Cavlan RN Michael Cavlan RN April 5, 2010

    Hal Goldfarb

    Aghhhh Aghhhhhhhh My hair is on fire.

    You get it.. You get it. You get it..

    I have used the case of Tommy Douglas and the NDP for quite some time.

    Problem is, to create alliances with others and be a voice for activists, you have to NOT do one simple thing..

    NOT disenfranchise your own activist base (mainly but not only the Nader supporters)
    Instead the GP actively choose to do so because IMHO they did not want to piss off the Democrats.

    I will tell you that that hard work that you speak of, is being done.

    While the Green Party has hour long discussions and squabbles about pot holes, keeping windows open annd how it relates to the production of compost.

  2. Hal Goldfarb Hal Goldfarb April 5, 2010

    I can relate to the GP stepping-down syndrome. I, too gave up after 4 years of trying to get a local grassroots movement going, only to discover that the state party was never going to allow it to happen.

    There is a resistance movement within the Green Party and with enough effort (and perhaps fortuity) it may someday overcome the party’s current top-down discipline. The GP is obsessed with 50-state ballot lines, which would be great if not for the fact that most states don’t run many candidates.

    The New Democratic Party of Canada started as just such a grassroots party. Despite having had its ups and downs over the past 50 years, it has achieved close to parity on the national level with the Liberals.

    Even though most Canadians do not vote NDP, they acknowledge the “civilizing effect” it has had on national politics, to paraphrase one author of a book on the NDP. The same could be had for the US, if a party like the GP were willing to let its hair down and make activist politics, not electoral politics, its mainstay for a few years.

    But that would take a LOT of hard work. It’s much easier to paw for the signatures of people who won’t even be voting for your candidate. No, the hard work is in forging the alliances with people who help build a movement, and build that movement into a party. At least according to the legend of the NDP.

  3. Lou Novak Lou Novak April 4, 2010

    My sailboat is named the Good Ship Lollypop.

    And it’s butterscotch flavored too.


  4. Green Party Flan Green Party Flan April 4, 2010

    Greatly enjoy the Green Party coverage.

    Green Party reporting tonight

    Sighting of the Green Party Fan – Good Ship Lolly Pop sinking in uncharted waters west of California have not been confirmed.


  5. Green Party Flan Green Party Flan April 4, 2010

    Greatly enjoy the Green Party coverage.

    Green Party Watch not reporting tonight

    More happy talk, reporting on the disastrous state of the Green Party ship, floundering around in a series of self inflicted wounds just not on GP Watch.

    Shirley Temple Lolly Pop’s provided elsewhere.

  6. Green Party Flan Green Party Flan April 4, 2010

    Applause to IPR…

    Greatly enjoy the Green Party coverage.

    Green Party Watch reporting tonight
    (oh wait maybe not)

    More Green Party Coverage on a Shirley Temple, Good Ship Lolly Pop, Suffering Sycophantic Happy Talk Manner you need to look elsewhere.


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