GreenChange: The Top Five Reasons for CA To Vote Against Prop 14

Over at IPR author Dave Schwab has written about the top five reasons why Californians should vote against the Top Two Primary measure on the ballot in November.

Proponents of Top Two, aware that California voters rejected the idea in 2004, have been claiming that Top Two will fix California’s government by reducing partisan gridlock. There is nothing from the experience of the states that use Top Two to support their claims. However, there is ample evidence that Top Two further entrenches incumbents and reduces voter choice. In fact, it’s more than likely that Top Two would reinforce gridlock and entrench the same politicians who created it.

Close consideration shows not only that Top Two won’t work, but also that it is unpopular, undemocratic, unconstitutional, and unnecessary. There are many good election reforms that deserve support, but Proposition 14 is not one of them. Let’s explore the top five reasons for California voters to reject Top Two…

Other websites which have listed reasons for opposition to Prop 14 and ways to get involved are here and here.

11 thoughts on “GreenChange: The Top Five Reasons for CA To Vote Against Prop 14

  1. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home.......... Lake

    1 response so far ?

    * 1 Richard Winger // Apr 28, 2010 at 1:16 pm

    There is an extremely tiny factual error, which is my fault. Washington state has 9 US House races, not 8 ………

    [There is an extremely tiny factual error, which is the fault of Don Lake. He is nearly clue less on this issue. After being prompted by non Democans and non Republicrats for years; now top two is bad bad bad! Huh?]

  2. Trent Hill


    I need you to LINK to this article and excerpt is, since it’s editorial in content. No editorial statement can be posted on IPR without approval from the staff.

  3. cali lady

    ballots need to be simple…sure 2 parties don’t give many a chance…but, in the long run only 2 parties make decisions in congress and senate…dem or rep….so which are you. If you are from party mars….who do you vote with?

  4. cali lady

    yes but when they vote they either vote with the DEMs on bill passage or reps……or do they sit with arms folded and obstain??? seriously…okay say you are Green you get elected to congress… the majority of ayes will send passage….so if you are totally “green” oreinted….your views don’t jive with Dems or Reps….so you just have a null and void vote which amounts to not much for your constituents….right…?

  5. cali lady

    My point being…. when you have differing views than the 2 parties in charge in senate and congress….and you vote for a third party candidate…..they really won’t have a say in laws passed etc….because the majority wins if there is only 1 green seated…..they really don’t make a dent in representing your view….isn’t it better to shape your views (though not perfect) to either swing rep or dem….

  6. clay

    cali lady,

    The general election serves as a survey of voter disposition as well as it does a candidate placement process. If a Democrat wins an election by two percent but a Green gets five percent of the vote, that Democrat is going to have some serious choices to make about positions they take.

    If a Green does get elected they’ll have an opportunity to make a lot of noise about initiatives they want to put into place. They can hold press conferences and encourage committies, etc.

    If they vote with another party they still will have called attention to their ideas. If voters like these ideas, they have the opportunity to vote in more members of the party for future sessions. The more representatives a party elects the more power they have.

  7. cali lady

    well, truth be told how many voters pay attention to how senate and congress votes? I understand your comment though. Sounds like a lot of spinning wheels…. With all the differing teaparty people….ie: some say they back Reps some want A new party (tea) some want End the fed etc….there are not concrete concensus among this group….scattered ideas… appears that there will NOT be one person or party that can make All the people thats politics I guess..thanks

  8. Bart

    May Maldonado burn in Hell for all time with little Devils sticking pitch forks in his ass.

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