Lynne Williams to participate in bottled water forum

Lynne Williams, former Green candidate for governor of Maine and now running for state senate, will be participating in a forum on bottled water and its local impacts:

Sunday, May 16th from 1:00 – 3:30 pm at Reel Pizza in Bar Harbor

Film about Bottled Water “Tapped” Followed By Panel Discussion

Background: The rise of the bottled water industry is visible in Maine and through the entire world. Data suggests that the environmental impact of the bottled water industry has been profound – affecting our oceans, landfills, and climate change. According to Food & Water Watch, U.S plastic bottle production annually requires more than 1.5 million barrels of oil, enough to fuel 100,000 cars. About 86 percent of the empty plastic bottles in the U.S land in the garbage rather than being recycled. In the words of Captain Charles Moore who discovered a garbage patch of plastic twice the size of Texas located between San Francisco and Hawaii: “If you eliminate the scourge of bottled water, you’ll be eliminating one of the biggest problems facing our planet.” The bottled water industry also poses a threat to public health in Maine, nationwide and globally. Additionally, according to the United Nations, “By the year 2030, two-thirds of the world will lack access to clean drinking water.” Certainly, a future global water scarcity of this proportion warrants a look at how bottled water may play a role in our future access to water.

What and When: The Lamoine Conservation Commission is presenting the documentary film “Tapped” followed by a panel discussion on bottled water and its impacts on Sunday, May 16th from 1:00 – 3:30 pm at Reel Pizza in Bar Harbor and on Tuesday, May 18th, from 6:30 – 9:00 pm in the Auditorium at the Ellsworth City Hall in Ellsworth. These free events are sponsored by the Lamoine Conservation Commission, the Bar Harbor Conservation Commission, the Union River Watershed Coalition, and Food & Water Watch.

“Tapped” (76 minutes) that takes a compelling look at the commercial bottling of groundwater, including the economics and effects of this industry on this resource, the global water crisis and climate change. To learn more about the film, visit

The film screening is followed by an hour-long panel discussion moderated by Ken Cline, Environmental Policy and Law Professor at College of the Atlantic. The other panelists include Daphne Loring (Coordinator at the Maine Fair Trade Campaign), Emily Posner (Coordinator for Defending Water for Life in Maine), Lynne Williams (attorney and Green Independent candidate for Maine State Senate), Willem Brutsaert (Environmental Engineer Professor at the University of Maine and expert in groundwater and surface water hydrology), and Nisha Swinton (Maine Organizer for Food & Water Watch).

In this interactive panelist discussion, concerns such as these may be addressed:

  • The serious environmental impacts of the bottled water industry;
  • The possible effects of large-scale water extraction on our local watersheds;
  • The public health impacts of plastics production and discard;
  • The safety of the water in local municipal water systems and wells as compared with bottled water;
  • How our local and state groundwater laws protect our aquifers and watersheds;
  • How international trade and investment rules may trump local, state or national regulatory efforts;
  • How to ensure that our municipal water systems can continue to provide the community with healthy tap water; and
  • What simple steps individuals and communities can take as concerned citizens and towns.

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