Free and Equal and pledge to stop the spread of the top two election systems

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Christina Tobin, Chair and founder of Free and Equal Elections Foundation, issued a statement today promoting the ongoing efforts in opposition to Top Two election systems.

“ is alive and kicking, and we are going to continue fighting this Top Two election system wherever it pops up,” Christina Tobin said. “This doesn’t stop with Proposition 14 in California. will keep our eyes on the nation to make sure the public is educated about better election system options than Top Two.”

“A Michigan legislator introduced legislation to promote a Top Two system there, and we’ve already found more than a handful of media outlets across the country endorsing the Proposition 14 style Top Two system for their home states.’s goal is to Stop Top Two,” said Christina Tobin.

“On May 26, 2010, Michigan State Senator Mickey Switalski (D-Roseville) introduced Senate Bill 1350 that he intends to use to change Michigan’s election system into a Top Two election system. Jack McHugh of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy first noted this in his June 14, 2010 article, “Analysis: ‘Jungle Primary’ Proposal Won’t Get Michigan Out of the Woods“.

Since the passage of Proposition 14, at least 13 media outlets in 10 states plus D.C. have already published or written favorable articles towards the Top Two election system.Rockford (IL) Register Star, Texas Monthly, The Arizona Republic, The News Leader (Staunton, VA), Sun-News (Las Cruces, NM), St. Petersburg Times (Tampa, FL), News and Messenger (Manassas, VA), Holland Sentinel (Holland, MI), Daily Press & Argus (Howell, MI), Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH), The Times-News (Twin Falls, Idaho), The State (Columbia, SC), and the Washington Post (All Opinions Are Local, D.C. area).

“In the coming days and weeks, the website will be updated to provide the information this country needs to reject the flawed Top Two election system,” said Christina Tobin. “Voters deserve a more diverse choice than only two candidates to ensure they are represented proportionally in their governments.”

“Political machines and special interests all across the country are seizing on this idea as a way to maintain their strangleholds on power and eliminate voter choice. Incumbents want to protect themselves from potential challengers with Top Two now, before they face future independent challengers growing from the voter discontent in this country.”

“Washington and California are likely to revolt against the lack of choices they will see on their ballots in 2012, and we must warn the other states not to make the same mistake. is poised to educate the voters across the US about the dire threat to their ballot choices the Top Two election system presents,” said Tobin.

16 thoughts on “Free and Equal and pledge to stop the spread of the top two election systems

  1. ........ What I have heard (Lake)

    is nothing, not one thing good ’bout Tobin. May be she should drop out and let some one else take over ………..

    Historical note, Christina’s kindergarten report card “does not play well with others ………”

  2. ........ Like ex General Mc Crystal Meth (Lake)

    [a] Douglas MacArthur threaten to physically attacking Main Land China and or the USSR and or to use atomic weapons ………….

    [b] Obama, my Yokohoma Momma, and the nation, need clear thinking executives —– not just glad handing toadies.

    Bad mouthing the boss ???????? Not smart in any arena, but with the bleeding of lives, limbs and treasury ——– fatal ???????

    (Impeachment any one ???)

    [c] Tobin, spending time and energy picking fights with potential allies instead of promoting No On 14 efforts ????????? Impeachment any one ???????

  3. Starchild

    Might it be better to refer to these ballot measures as “Only Two” rather than “Top Two?” That phrasing would help focus more attention on the fact of other parties/candidates being excluded.

  4. Michael H. Wilson

    I just had a letter to the editor published in a local paper on this issue in which I called the Top Two censorship.

    I believe that if we call this censorship enough times people will get the message.

    Just do it!

  5. numerate

    Prop 14 hurt ballot access for “third” parties; but overall ,open primary/runoff systems are second only to IRV in breaking the power of the RNC & DNC over officeholders & promotong independent candidates.

    If Tobin isn’t taking money from the RNC & DNC, she should ask them for some; because she is most definitely working in their interests.

  6. Don Lake and Citizens For A Better Veterans Home wonders .....

    Hey, Michael H. Wilson // Jun 24, 2010:

    If this is such an important issue, then why have not you, and Christina ‘Spoiling For A Fight —- With My Buddies’ Tobin, and [other wise saintly] Richard Winger taking so long to sound the alarm ?????

    Galieo was on the watch tower with his spy glass and saw the top of the sails of the enemy ships months and YEARS ago.

    You were told and did nothing or next to nothing.

    Only DAYS B4 the West Coast Prop 14 Walk In Election, [even as Mail In ‘early’ ballots approached 50%] did ads appear.

    Again you did not do much until it was too late!

    With ‘friends’ like you three [and I personally (other wise) adore Richard Winger and BAN] No On 14 did not need any enemies!

    Too little too late! You are obviously more capable on a bad day than Christina Tobin is on a good day! Throw her over board and take the wheel!

    I take no happiness in spot lighting the obvious ……….

  7. Michael H. Wilson

    re # 14 Don I have been aware of this issue for some time and suggested some time ago that we call it censorship. Whether you paid attention or not is not really something I care about. Otherwise I am pretty busy and just drop in for the amusement from time to time.

  8. Michael H. Wilson

    Here’s my lte on the issue.

    The June 14 editorial, “One more top two,” on the top two primary process, stated that “the system has drawn widespread, bipartisan support.” That might be true if there were just two opinions, but there are many who hold other opinions entirely. In California an embarrassingly low 31 percent of the eligible voters turned out and Proposition 14 passed with 54 percent of that vote.
    There are many people who are not members of the two dominant parties but who instead may be nonaffiliated, Greens, Socialist, Libertarians, or any of some 20 or more parties that exist across the nation whose ideas will be shut out. You may choose to call this the people’s primary but I choose to call it censorship, a soft warm and fuzzy kind that passes itself off as being for the good of the people or at least that is the excuse.
    Michael H. Wilson

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