Green Ben Manski endorsed by 20 local elected officials in race for state rep

An email sent to supporters of Manski, who is running in Wisconsin’s 77th state legislative district:

“Get back in your box!”

That’s what my opponent –the coal lobbyist– is barking at Democrats, these days.  He seems to think he owns them. How foolish. No one can own an Ed Garvey! No one owns you.

Madison abounds with people who don’t fit neatly into boxes. This past week, their names began to become public. As of today, twenty one local elected officials –present and past– have made public their endorsements of Manski for Wisconsin. You can read about the School Board leaders —Arlene Silveira, Ellen Lindgren, Marj Passman, Shwaw Vang, Bill Keys— who endorsed me here:
David Rovics in concert for Manski for WI
This week, the man who has been the standard bearer of the progressive wing of Wisconsin’s Democratic Party, Ed Garvey, longer than I’ve been living, endorsed my campaign. So did Mark Sundquist, president of the Village of Shorewood Hills. And in case you missed it, the previous week, the former mayor of Middleton, Doug Zwank, a candidate in the Democratic primary for District 77, also endorsed me.

We are building momentum.

And we’ll celebrate that momentum tomorrow night, Friday, at 9pm at Tex’s Cadillac Ranch, where my old friend, the now world-famous singer songwriter, David Rovics, will perform a benefit for our campaign. Please join us for the camaraderie, the lyrics, and the melodies. You can read about it here:

Your friend and ally,
~ Ben Manski
p.s. – here is the latest list of some of just some of our prominent supporters . . . there are over 300 Madison residents who have lent your names to this campaign. Thanks to all of you.


Ellen Lindgren, President, Middleton-Cross Plains Board of Education
Mark Sundquist, President, Village of Shorewood Hills
Marj Passman, Madison-Metropolitan School Board
Arlene Silveira, Madison Metropolitan School Board
Al Matano, Dane County Board of Supervisors
Barbara Vedder, Dane County Board of Supervisors
John Hendrick, Dane County Board of Supervisors
Brian Solomon, Madison Common Council
Marsha Rummel, Madison Common Council
Satya Rhodes-Conway, Madison Common Council


Doug Zwank, Mayor, City of Middleton
Shwaw Vang, Madison Metropolitan School Board
Bill Keys, Madison Metropolitan School Board
Ashok Kumar, Dane County Board of Supervisors
Echnaton Vedder, Dane County Board of Supervisors
Austin King, President, Madison Common Council
Brenda Konkel, President, Madison Common Council
Robbie Webber, Madison Common Council
Andy Heidt, Madison Common Council
Joe Szwaja, Madison Common Council
Bert Zipperer, Madison Common Council


Ed Garvey
Tim Carpenter, National Director, Progressive Democrats of America
Thom Hartmann, Nation’s #1 Progressive Talk Radio
Peng Her, community activist
Lindsey Lee, Dane County Democratic Party Executive Committee
Connie & Chuck Smalley
Hiroshi & Arlene Kanno
. . . and many more


Madison Teachers, Inc. (MTI)
Student Labor Action Coalition
Student Progressive Dane
Progressive Push
Progressive Dane
Four Lakes Green Party of Dane County
Wisconsin Green Party

7 thoughts on “Green Ben Manski endorsed by 20 local elected officials in race for state rep

  1. Andy Olsen

    Ben Manski is blatantly lying here. Brett Hulsey is not, and never was, a “coal lobbyist.” Perhaps Manski can point to the coal company and lobbying Brett did.

    Brett has worked in numerous ways to reducing global warming pollution and reducing coal combustion, including with energy efficiency, solar, and biomass. This is some pretty bad dishonesty from Manski.

  2. Andy Olsen

    p.s. that’s 10 local elected officials. The others are former local elected officials (like me).

  3. Ross

    They would still be elected officials, no?

    Plus, read this:

    Between 2006 and 2008, records show, Hulsey’s company made $192,970 consulting on the project, which was ultimately rejected by the state Public Service Commission.

    Mark Redsten, executive director of Clean Wisconsin, is also concerned by Hulsey’s lobbying for the coal plant.

    “As a paid consultant for the utility, Brett became a significant voice and face for Alliant Energy in a multimillion-dollar campaign to win state approval for the plant,” Redsten says. “Brett focused his comments on the plant’s ability to burn biomass, but our analysis, supported by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission staff, showed that the utility intended to burn all types of coal, and even refinery waste, and only a small amount of biomass.”

    Doesn’t seem like Manski is blatantly lying.

  4. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]


    The Lost Creek Wind Farm, completed in May at a cost of more than $340 million, is the largest wind farm in MISSOURI. It’s one of five sites developed by Wind Capital Group, which Tom Carnahan founded in 2005. The company says its Missouri facility generates enough electricity to supply more than 100,000 homes; its power is sold to rural electric cooperatives and municipal utilities.

    As part of her Senate campaign, Robin Carnahan has stressed the importance of developing more renewable energy and diminishing the nation’s reliance on oil.

    “I’m not going to do anything that’s going to be a special benefit to my brother or anybody in my family — that would be inappropriate,” Carnahan said when asked about a potential conflict of interest because of her brother’s business.

    “But that’s not to say I’m going to walk away from any kind of renewable energy projects — I think that would be crazy as well,” Carnahan said.

    A spokeswoman for Russ Carnahan’s campaign said Friday that the congressman played no role in the federal incentives for his brother’s wind farm.

    “Over 1,100 companies qualified for this program, and the only thing they have in common is that Russ Carnahan has nothing to do with any of them,” spokeswoman Angela Guyadeen said.

  5. Zeleni

    “p.s. that’s 10 local elected officials. The others are former local elected officials (like me).”

    And that’s exactly what Manski’s email stated. Perhaps the title of this story is a bit off (which he didn’t write), but Manski was straightforward about this:

    “As of today, twenty one local elected officials –present and past– have made public their endorsements of Manski for Wisconsin.”

    He also distinguishes between past and present later in the email.

    Ross’ comment addresses your other criticism.

  6. Tim

    Ben’s confidence can come across as arrogance at times, but having working on and off with him for over 5+ years I have never caught him lying. And his heart is always in the right place. The world can use more politicians like him.

    Olsen should be ashamed of himself. Typical of mainstream politicians: When the other side has a valid point, just say they are lying. When the other side makes traction, call them liar. Karl Rove style politics should be denounced no matter who they come from.

    Manski appears to have stirred up a hornet’s nest. What are they afraid of?

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