Kathie Glass: Rick Perry’s Worst Nightmare?

According to the Houston Chronicle (Texas’ largest newspaper), she just might be. An excerpt:

The real potential for Glass is that her message of stark government downsizing will steal votes from Perry.

In the 1990 governor’s race, where many voters were disgusted with the Republican candidates, Libertarian Jeff Daiell won almost 4 percent of the ballots. Daiell received enough votes to have given Republican Clayton Williams a victory over Democrat Ann Richards.

Daiell, who sought the Libertarian nomination this year, but lost to Glass, said he believes she has an opportunity to strike a nerve.

“I believe that a combination of voter frustration with both Beltway parties and increased acceptance of the Libertarian Party could well mean that the Libertarian Party breaks the 5 percent mark in the race for governor and determines the winner,” Daiell said.

Glass and White will both appear at a candidates’ forum of the Rowlett Tea Party on Saturday. On October 3rd White, Glass and Shafto will all debate in Houston.

3 thoughts on “Kathie Glass: Rick Perry’s Worst Nightmare?

  1. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    Pressure from above and below



    Patriot Act Presentation

    Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s chief of staff, speaks on the Opportunities of Crisis


    The sequence of steps that have been taken, in this country, is the most common pathway to dictatorship.

    For Hitler, the national emergency was the burning of the Reichstag Building. Then he set up the Gestapo.

    We have 9-11 and “HomeLand Security”. It even sounds like “Fatherland”

    Totalitarians gain power through techniques that have been developed over the entire history of mankind. Most of these techniques have been written down in “training manuals” for would be dictators.

    Examples are:

    “And Not a Shot is Fired” by Jan Kozak,

  2. Keith R Deschler

    I get tired of the “spoiler” rhetoric, even on IPR. The Texas LP should be proud of having so many quality candidates on the ballot, and of building a party structure that will begin winning partisan elections soon. Wish the LPWI would carefully observe what Texas has been doing for the past few election cycles. Run LOTS of candidates, and MAKE SURE they get on the ballot! The best way to grow the LP.

  3. Daniel Surman

    @Keith, I never called Kathie a spoiler; the references to that are found in the article quoted.

    However, I do believe that the concept of vote-splitting is undeniable. Without a change in the electoral system ideologically-similar candidates will split a base of an electorate with a similar ideology. Does that mean it is spoiling? That is a different question.

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