Poli-Tea: Best Political Ads for Third Party and Independent Candidates

From Poli-Tea:

What are the year’s best political ads for third party and independent candidates (so far)?  Over the last week, I’ve viewed dozens of political ads and short videos produced by and for Libertarian, Green, Constitution Party and Independent candidates for office from Maine to California and Florida to Washington.  Thanks to everyone who commented here and at IPR, and those who wrote in with suggestions and nominations! From this unscientific sampling of videos, it is safe to conclude that there are some very savvy and extremely creative ads out there, and probably many many more which I still have not seen.

See the original post for all eleven videos plus four special mentions. Poli-Tea’s results include:

Best Ad: Glenn Wilson vs. The Dons

Best Series of Ads:  Travis Irvine

Best Unofficial Ad for a Candidate:  p4prez for Rich Whitney

Most Creative 30 second promo:  Jake Towne

Simplest Ad Ever:  Dennis Lambert

Darkest Message in a Generic Ad: Gail Giaramita

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9 thoughts on “Poli-Tea: Best Political Ads for Third Party and Independent Candidates

  1. d.eris

    I’m not sure exactly what you’re getting at with your question, Lake, but I think CUIP has a policy of not endorsing ANY candidates. Though this is not the case for their state affiliates.

    btw, are you the commenter who’s always pointing out the importance of party symbols?

    A new site just launched the other day called “The Independent Lion: the New Symbol of the Independent American.”

    Just wrote up a post on it with links etc the other day at Poli-Tea.

  2. Robert Capozzi

    Hmm, the Giaramita ad confuses me. The ballot box is not the solution, vote for me seems odd to me. Reminds me of Ernie Hancock campaigns in a strange way.

  3. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    d.eris // September 30, 2010:
    “……… but I think CUIP has a policy of not endorsing ANY candidates. Though this is not the case for their state affiliates. ”

    [a] As I once understood, earlier ——– any partisan candidates.

    [b] changes are afoot, including ‘Committee for a Unitied Independent President’ to ‘Committee for a Unitied Independent Party’.

    [c] like the state divisions of CP, CUIP has LOTS OF TROUBLE with state availiates. I went to school width da Show Me State director and she currently will not have any thing to do with national, even tho they keep listing the (non existent) Missouri Branch.

    [d] thank you

  4. Robert Capozzi

    br, yes, I’ve commented previously that the Irvine ads are pretty darned good.

    Wilson’s is almost entirely name-ID promoting. It’s “negative,” but not personal — negative to “Rino” and “Dino.” Wilson’s website is also quite good. My quick read was pretty good, too, although my open-border colleagues might bristle about it. Sounds to me like he’s somewhere in the Paul to Root, right-leaning sorta place, but he might be the sort we could attract if we didn’t have so much absolutist baggage.

  5. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    The American people deserve honest representation, not dirty as-usual politics.

    Tell me what your plan is to turn around the economy and unemployment. I will not vote for you if you support tax breaks for the wealthiest among us.

    What have the recipients of the tax breaks done for our economy? They’ve held on to their money instead of creating jobs or have shipped jobs overseas.

    Joanne McBride

    Prairie Village [Kansas]

    Read more: http://www.kansascity.com/2010/10/01/2267247/letters-saturday-oct-2.html#ixzz11AsNyvnv

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