Ben Manski, Green candidate for WI legislature, puts ad on TV

It’s rare for a third party candidate to get an ad on television, and even rarer for one to do so in a race that’s not for federal or even statewide office.  However, as election day approaches, the chances of a Green victory for Ben Manski are looking greater and greater.  From the Manski campaign:

MADISON – Manski for Wisconsin’s campaign entered a new phase tonight with the release of its first television ads, running nightly on Madison’s most trusted news and commentary programming by Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Jon Stewart, and yes, Steven Colbert; the spots will also run during the CNN morning news. The campaign, entitled, “Fresh Air,” contrasts candidate Manski’s integrity as a lifelong reformer with the role his opponent, Brett Hulsey, played as a corporate lobbyist for the Cassville coal plant.

One of the nation’s leading exposers of corporate “greenwashing” is John Stauber, a westside Madisonian from a dairy farm family who famously co-authored the book, Toxic Sludge is Good for You. Stauber has said that, “Hulsey is a well-paid industry lobbyist pushing dirty coal; he is a corporate greenwasher of the worst sort.”

In 2008, Brett Hulsey undertook many activities in support of Alliant Energy’s proposal to construct a new coal-fired power plant in Cassville, Wisconsin. Hulsey drew on his environmental credentials as a former Sierra Club representative to reach out to Wisconsin conservation groups and to the media, writing newspaper op-eds and even recording radio advertisements, all in support of Alliant’s proposed new coal plant. Hulsey provided these services to Alliant in return for a $192,000 fee paid to his personal consulting business, Better Environmental Solutions. Manski for Wisconsin has published a short summary of Hulsey’s work here:

In a related public statement earlier today, dozens of environmental leaders issued an Environmentalists for Manski public statement, calling on voters to support the genuine green candidate on November 2nd, Ben Manski. That statement is viewable here:

2 thoughts on “Ben Manski, Green candidate for WI legislature, puts ad on TV

  1. Andy Olsen

    Your description of Hulsey’s activities here is wildly slanted to the point of being deceptive. You make it sound as if his intent was to increase coal burning, which is false.

    Hulsey has the endorsement of the incumbent, environmental leader Spencer Black, the Clean Wisconsin Action Fund, Sierra Club, and many other environmental leaders.

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