Brian Moore Endorses Independent Farid Khavari for Florida Governor

From Darcy Richardson at Uncovered Politics:

Alex Sink’s chances of becoming the first Democrat to win the Florida governorship in sixteen years suffered a blow of sorts on Sunday afternoon when former Democratic rival Brian P. Moore endorsed the independent candidacy of Miami’s Farid A. Khavari.

In endorsing the University of Bremen-educated economist, Moore said that Khavari was “more of a Democrat than the Democratic nominee.”

A Pied Piper of progressive politics in the Sunshine State, the 67-year-old Moore polled nearly a quarter of the votes — garnering an eye-opening 201,705 votes — against the heavily-favored Sink in the August 24 Democratic primary. Moore, who proudly wears his liberalism on his sleeve, spent approximately one-tenth of one percent of Sink’s $7.8 million war chest in his quixotic quest for the Democratic nomination.

Moore’s remarks were made during a presentation of the “Khavari Economic Plan for Florida,” a three-hour event that drew more than fifty people.

Read the whole thing.  Darcy Richardson is, of course, a contributor to IPR as well as the candidate for Lt Governor on Khavari’s Independent gubernatorial ticket.

8 thoughts on “Brian Moore Endorses Independent Farid Khavari for Florida Governor

  1. Jeremy Young

    I was impressed with Moore’s showing in the Democratic primary (and, of course, I would have voted for him enthusiastically). But I don’t think this is a real hit against Alex Sink, because I don’t think anybody expected Moore to endorse her. Clearly, Moore is not a party-loyalist sort of Democrat. Not that that’s a bad thing; I just don’t think this is going to cause even a ripple of trouble for Sink.

  2. Robert Milnes

    PLAS resonation here. The progressive tries & fails for democrtic nomination (Gravel). Then endorses the libertarian Independent ticket.
    But that will not transfer. Most of those progressive votes will go to the dem.
    Darcy, you want those votes? You are going to have to earn them. Call a press conference. Describe the PLAS strategy. Ask for the progressive vote. Communicate a willingness to support a progressive whenever there is no Libertarian on that ballot.
    Get going!

  3. Robert Milnes

    Darcy, part of PLAS is to convince progressives that usually wind up voting democratic, to vote LP or GP instead.
    Here these voters have already been sorted out for you & handed to you. But they are going to wind up voting for the dem unless you offer them something. The only thing you have is the offer to support any progressive who has no Libertarian opponent on any ballot.
    Get going! Press Conference! Yersterday!

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