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Farheen Hakeem for Governor of Minnesota

The Farheen Hakeem for Governor campaign has put out this ad. Hakeem is the Green Party candidate for Governor of Minnesota. Dan Dittmann, also pictured in the ad, is her running mate for Lieutenant Governor.

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  1. MN Indy MN Indy October 18, 2010

    Yeahhhh…I remember when the MN Greens were once somewhat credible, when they were considered a major party in the state, and when their candidate Ken Pentel got around 3% in 2002–just enough to be on the radar.

    This ticket looks like a joke. Even sillier that they’re running against their old guy, Pentel, who is going under some other new independent/minor party label. Unfortunately for the alternative left in this state, that means neither ticket will get half a percent. This is all the more lamentable when you see Minnesota’s left almost unanimously behind elitist hack Dayton.

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