Michigan county to reprint absentee ballots after Greens omitted, Greens to hold press conference

From the Detroit News:

The Wayne County Clerk’s Office will reprint 27,000 absentee ballots on Monday after a processing error left two candidates from the Green Party entirely off the ballot…

Election Day ballots will not be affected, West said.

On Friday evening the Green Party of Michigan sent out a press release stating that Wayne County Board of Elections did not place Green Party candidates Dianne Feeley for county commissioner in the 5th District and Louis Novak for county commissioner in 6th District on ballots already distributed to absentee voters. The Green Party will hold a press conference Monday at 11 a.m. in front of the City-County Building to discuss further steps and offer their program for jobs and economic recovery, according to the release.

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  1. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]


    Home |Science in Society | News

    What the US midterm elections mean for science

    * 21 October 2010 by Peter Aldhous

    Science is under fire in the US midterm election campaign, with anti-science views popular and stimulus spending on research described as waste

    AMERICA is angry: about lost jobs, the ballooning deficit, and the apparent failure of massive “stimulus” spending to improve the lot of citizens hammered by the worst economic slump since the 1930s.

    Above all, Americans are angry with politicians who promised change for the better.

    As the country gears up for the midterm elections on 2 November, seen as a referendum on President Barack Obama and his Democratic Party’s control of Congress, science has found itself in the firing line.

    Populist Tea Party candidates, some espousing anti-science views, have tapped into the angry mood, and stimulus spending on research is being painted in some electoral races as emblematic of government waste.

    “What should be seen as an investment is now being seen as a cost, and the rhetoric we hear is that costs need to be reduced,” says Mary Woolley, CEO of Research!America, which lobbies for biomedical science.

    Brian Fisher, an entomologist at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, has experienced this harsh political climate. His research has been pilloried by Republicans trying to oust Democratic senators in Texas, California and Oregon.

    In Oregon, a TV ad run by challenger Jim Huffman features a man complaining to his wife that Senator Ron Wyden “spent $2 million to study exotic ants”. Sarcastically, he adds: “And you thought he was out of touch.”

  2. paulie

    The press release from the Greens:

    Press Release
    For Immediate Distribution
    October 22, 2010

    Wayne County Board of Elections leaves Green Party candidates off ballot;
    Voters denied opportunity to hear Green program for jobs

    Detroit – October 22 — Wayne County Board of Elections did not place Green Party candidates Dianne Feeley for County Commissioner, 5th district and Louis Novak, County Commissioner 6th district on ballots already distributed to absentee voters.
    The Green Party will hold a press conference, Monday, 11 am, in front of the City-County Building, to discuss further steps and to offer our Green program for jobs and economic recovery.

    On August 2, per state law, the Green Party submitted the names of five candidates wholly within Wayne County for the November 2 election ballot. They were George Corsetti, US Congress 13th district, Fred Vitale, State Representative, 3rd district, Derek Grigsby, State Representative 7th district, and County Commissioner candidates Feeley and Novak.

    It is likely a clerical error, but it is still costly for the county. According to a supervisor at the Board, ballots for both districts will be reprinted and all absentee voters will receive another, corrected ballot for revoting. It is not clear how the office will ensure that all absentee voters have time to mark a corrected ballot. The number of absentee voters in these districts numbers in the thousands and it is 12 days to the elections.

    The error has political consequences too. Candidates were not offered the opportunity to participate in the various public forums for their races because they were not on the ballot, reducing further the limited opportunities available to candidates who do not take corporate money.

    More importantly, many voters have not been given the opportunity to hear about Green candidates, who offer a popular alternative to the major parties and the “tea party’s” bleatings for the past. Green Party candidates have a vision of economic justice – stop the sheriff’s office foreclosures; tax the richest 1% who have benefited from the crisis and use the money to put our people back to work. Greens are fighting for social justice — radically revise jail procedures to help young men find jobs and a place for themselves in the community; stop giving away our water resources and develop a county-wide response to global-warming, including energy audits, bicycle lanes and alternative forms of energy. Greens propose to use county resources to discover, along with out communities, the truth about our county’s economic situation and ways to address them, to counter the lies of the corporate mainstream media, and, by doing so, help us all work together.

    For more information, please contact, Fred Vitale, Green Party of Michigan Co-chair at 313-580-4905 or Derek Grigsby, chair of the Detroit Greens, at 313-706-2985. Or visit http://www.detroitgreens.org

    or http://www.migreens.org

  3. Catholic Trotskyist

    Bet most people will just be annoyed that they have to vote all over again if they did it already. Green Party will most likely lose votes.

  4. paulie

    @4 Second link did not work for me. Don’t know whether it’s a temporary problem.

    Between this, “Whiteygate” and Laura Wells being arrested in California, the national Greens should be able to get some publicity out of this…

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