National Association of Muslim Women endorse independent Michael Cavlan for Congress in MN-5

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MINNEAPOLIS – The Campaign Committe to Elect Michael Cavlan to Congress 
is proud to announce that the National Association Of Muslim Women Of 
America has endorsed Independent Congressional Candidate Mike Cavlan 
for the US House of Representatives for Minnesota's 5th Congressional 

NAMWA contacted the campaign writing:

"We know that Ellison is your opponent and that he is Muslim and the 
first Muslim elected to Congress. He hasn't done Muslims a bit of good. 
The Somali community that elected him complains that he doesn't even 
talk about what is happening in Somalia. They get no representation at 
all from this guy. Being Muslim doesn't matter. He hasn't been a good 
representative for Muslims and I don't think he really wants to be 
known as the Muslim Congressman. It is our pleasure to endorse you."

Cavlan said, " While the FBI have been targeting the Muslim community 
as well as the local Peace and Justice community, the silence of those 
elected to office has been duly noted”. Cavlan further promises to 
"Defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights from all enemies, foreign 
and domestic. That includes those elected officials in power during the 
Bush years as well as the current Obama Administration. I give my word 
to the people of the 5th District of Minnesota, as well as the nation, 
that I will fight for you all, instead of the monied special interests 
which currently corrupt the Nations capitol."

Cavlan also states "I suspect that another reason that NAMWA also 
supports our campaign because of our positions on US Foreign policy and 
it's support of nations that are human rights abusers. As well as the 
actions of the United States government in slaughtering countless 
innocent Muslims and other civilians. Unlike my opponent, I will oppose 
this with more than meaningless rhetoric."

Cavlan has also been endorsed by American hero Ralph Nader, peace 
activist Cindy Sheehan, former Presidential candidate Representative 
Cynthia McKinney of Georgia, former US Senate candidate Brother Ray 
Tricomo as well as the Kalpulli Turtle Island Organization which is 
committed to creating a more sustainable and equitable nation.

35 thoughts on “National Association of Muslim Women endorse independent Michael Cavlan for Congress in MN-5

  1. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    Shifting public opinion about the Democrats determines elections

    Oct. 8th, Aaron Couch, Kansas City Star

    Gallup released an interesting poll Thursday. It reveals that in a lot of ways, how the country views Republicans doesn’t affect how successful either of the main parties fairs in a given election cycle.

    That’s because how people view Republicans on key issues has stayed pretty constant over the past 16 years, while how people view Democrats has been prone to shifts.

    The poll suggests that 1994’s great Republican Renaissance and 2006’s great Republican downfall were not a function of shifting opinion about Republicans.

    Rather, each year’s election results were affected by how people viewed the Democrats. Check out the rest of the results over at Gallup. and gallup

  2. Michael Cavlan RN


    I can not overemphasize just how huge this is.

    The organization is now calling Muslim groups in Minnesota and having their elders (mainly Somali) meet with us.

    My opponent keith Ellison is the first and only Muslim in Congress and he has betrayed them. They know it too.

    These folks do not act like the white, comfortable middle class peace community. They are actually willing to help those who help them and stand with them.

  3. Sharia Law is a SERIOUS thing.

    You will be assimilated.
    Minn will be the first to become a Muslim State. Don’t think they will be Americans. Those who follow the Koran will do whatever it take, lie and CUT OFF YOUR HEAD.

    They will not be Americans, They want America under Sharia Law Period.
    Sharia Law Billboard
    Boys forced to study the Koran otherwise beat

  4. If you go to Youtube

    you can find Minn is becoming the first muslim state. I can tell you of all the topic you find there. The Sharia Law is not pretty. Those who follow Sharia law expect you to be assimulated to follow the Koran. Don’t kid yourselves. They are not here to be like us.

  5. If you go to Youtube

    Sharia Law is a SERIOUS thing. // Oct 11, 2010 at 10:30 am

    You will be assimilated.
    Minn will be the first to become a Muslim State. Don’t think they will be Americans. Those who follow the Koran will do whatever it take, lie and CUT OFF YOUR HEAD.

    They will not be Americans, They want America under Sharia Law Period.
    Sharia Law Billboard
    Boys forced to study the Koran otherwise beat

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  6. Upstartgreen

    Boy are you lucky that Minn. isn’t becoming a Polish State. then you all would have to dance the Polka and eat Kielbasa.

  7. Michael Cavlan RN


    ROFLMFAO. The Keilbasa eating, Polka dancing crazies are in Michelle Bachman’s territory

    As an aside, I was in a debate with an Independent running against Keith Ellison. Her name is Lynn Torgeson (yah, you betcha we dance da Polka, eh)

    She is crazy, literally crazy and blatantly racist just like the youtube commenter above. All she talked about was Muslims, Sharia Law etc etc.

    Obviously she got all her information from Faux Nooze, Sean Hannity and Company.

    All of us candidates who showed up (no Repubs and Dimbocrats showed up) were asked questions of Foreign Policy.

    I pointed out that the reason “they” hate us was not our freedom but our foreign policy. That “our” missiles were killing them and that “we” supported racist Apartheid like states such as Israel. Both parties.

    She got mad, stated that Israel was not a racist apartheid like state.

    I responded that Bishop Desmond Tutu thought otherwise and that he was far more credible than some privildged, comfortable, midle class white woman living in north Minneapolis.

    OMG, people cracked up.

    Apparently, I won the debate. Needless to say the corporate media still refuses to mention my name.

    So when I win (this is actually possible) what the hell will they say?


  8. Robert Milnes

    You aren’t going to win you green puke. Sure it is possible. You could get hit by a meteorite too.& It might be kryptonite.
    It is not yet too late to try PLAS moron.
    But it will be soon.

  9. paulie


    Congrats and keep on rockin’!

    Troll commenters (you know who you are): please find something more constructive to do.

  10. paulie

    Paranoid person: I got your silly comments out of pending. See more extended explanation at — lower 140s in the comment thread.

    How do you suggest the radical Muslims will impose Sharia law in America?

    Note that the 18m figure for American Muslims is substantially higher than many I have seen, and many (probably most) are far from being radical Muslims.

  11. paulie

    Lake, And yet you spend not one moment criticizing cyber bullies Quirk and Grundmann. And the ‘golden mean’ of the IPR: fair and balanced *sarcasm*

    Who is “you”? Milnes is a spokesman for IPR in your mind?

  12. Well Obama got elected.

    and there are too many people out there that says he is illegal. Also Hawaii didn’t endorse him. HMM the same corrupt government that will have everything apply to us but not to the elected officials. Oh yea, did you forget, we are fighting for our 2nd amendments. The same Hitler history that took away gun rights in Germany. OH Laa laa. No everything will be alright. lets go back and put the head in the sand.

  13. Ok Paulie I read it @21

    Only this isn’t spam, just showing what is going on around. But I guess anyone can look it up, where ever they want to.

    I have every reason to be paranoid as you put it. Even Katrina had their guns rights taken. Somewhere on the east coast, they called an emergency of gun confiscation when the hurricane was happening. The Government, I am here to help said they would do that again. NO of course not, except this time I am in this area for a time that did do it. A lot of people were upset greatly.

  14. Catholic Trotskyist

    Lake, why are you attacking Milnes all of a sudden? How the alliances on this site shift in unexpected ways.
    Milnes as usual has cogent commentary. Kavlan has no chance of winning; I will laugh when he gets 2% or maybe, optimistically, 3% on Election Day. The NAMWA and Sheehan have been misled by Naderite/Republican operatives for which Kavlan is a key operative and mastermind. The Somali community is smarter than this and will stand behind our glorious Islamic representtive of Catholic Trotskyism, and my personal acquaintance, Keith Eellison.
    And Ellison isn’t the only Muslim in Congress; Andre Carson is Muslim too. But I guess he’s also to middle-class for you or whatever.

  15. Catholic Trotskyist

    Paulie, I know you like Kavlan, but you will someday understand that he is a Republican right-wing operative. If he did somehow win by some miracle, he would immediately abandon antiwar activism and become a conservative Republican. God has told me this personally.
    The only way he could disprove this would be to try PLAS.

    Now Ithis doesn’t mean I agree with the conservative paranoid anonymous commenter. This person is disrespected by me even more than Kavlan is. Sharia law won’t happen in America.

    However I can see into Kavlan’s post that he secretly feels intimidated by that right-wing women; liberal men are always intimidated by hot tough right-wing women.


  16. MN Indy

    If I still lived in CD-5 I’d probably vote for Cavlan, even though I totally disagree on economics. Anyone who can help erode the Dem’s iron-fisted rule in CD-4 and CD-5 is a friend to all third parties.

    As for those Youtubes about the Somali cab drivers, I LOL’d at their stupidity. I hope they start refusing to pick up people who don’t conform to their religious dictates. Makes a golden opportunity for a new cab service that will pick up everyone, including pig farmers and heavy drinkers.

  17. Robert Milnes

    Tom K. is the worst offender.=wasting time loser.
    We have corresponded for YEARS. I came to respect his knowledge, ear to the ground politically, experience including Marine as my uncle was & tech savvy. Seeming to be able to do a lot with a little. Whereas I am spoiled with 4G & dual core & still can’tget things done.
    Yet recently as I have refined PLAS he has been negative.
    I guess I would have to lump him in with the time wasting losers.
    Even the greatest person I have ever known, Dr. McFarland of Boulder recently deceased, & his associate second greatest John Davenport, evident suicide by going to a cave in the Canary Islands to die, both had run for office as Greens I believe, both time wasting losers.
    McFarland had stomach cancer & evidently rapidly succumed because I didn’t even know he was sick. He became disoriented in his later years. I would have visited him in the hospice had I known.He may very well have not recognized me.
    I wrote John from federal prison begging him to return to the usa for medical treatment.I do not know if he even got my letters.
    So Cavlan, you have nothing more than they did.
    So you at least have that excuse.

  18. paulie

    Well Obama got elected.

    So? He’s not a Muslim. What’s your point?

    there are too many people out there that says he is illegal.

    Yes, far too many paranoids/nuts.

    Also Hawaii didn’t endorse him.

    What? Sure they did, Obama won the vote in Hawaii…and what does this have to do with your paranoia about Sharia Law in America?

    Only this isn’t spam,

    Yes, the automated spam blocker makes mistakes.

    I have every reason to be paranoid as you put it.

    No, you have no reason to be paranoid about comment moderation and no reason to be paranoid about Sharia Law in America.

    Even Katrina had their guns rights taken.

    Quite true, there is much to be concerned with, but it does not make other (delusional) matters – such as Sharia Law in America or fictional comment moderation at IPR – matters of concern. In fact, jumping on silly non-issues diminishes any impact you have in expressing real concerns, because it falsely conveys them to be a part of a general pattern of paranoia.

  19. paulie

    The only way he could disprove this would be to try PLAS.

    Cavlan is quite open to alliance with libertarians.

    liberal men are always intimidated by hot tough right-wing women.

    I’m not sure whether I am considered “liberal” (I guess it depends on who you ask), but when it comes to attraction to women, their political views are a non-factor to me. That is, I can be just attracted or unattracted to a woman regardless of her politics.

  20. I don't make light of a real situation

    @32 The difference between you and me is I don’t make light of a real situation. Your like the people laughing at Noah who is building the ark, whom everyone would think is crazy for doing so, but when the time comes, by then it is too late.

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