Redlich for NY Governor update, including 14% in a public television poll

from a Redlich campaign press release:

Redlich support growing

Two recent polls show support growing for Governor candidate Warren Redlich. A Rochester poll shows Redlich at 7%, well ahead of other third-party candidates.

A poll by public television program New York Now has Redlich at 14%:

Back in March, a Siena poll had Redlich at 3-4%.

Redlich’s performance in the 10/18 debate was a significant factor in his improved poll numbers. “We were able to bring our ‘Stop Wasting Money’ message to a much wider audience,” Redlich said.

A number of newspapers and other media mentioned Redlich’s debate performance favorably, including the New York Post, Newsday, Daily News, Buffalo News, Auburn Citizen, and the Rochester City Newspaper.

Redlich believes the Rochester poll understates his support: “Our best media coverage has been in other parts of the state, especially in the Albany and Syracuse areas, as well as downstate. Western New York is more difficult because of another candidate’s home-court advantage.”

The results also suggest Redlich will easily clear the 50,000 vote requirement for Libertarian Party ballot status. With an expected 4.5 million total votes, 50,000 votes is approximately 1.2%.

As Redlich put it: “This is no longer about whether we get a ballot line, but rather about how well we will do. Of course winning is a long shot, but as the Paladino campaign continues to flounder, second place is becoming realistic. That would send a real message – People are sick of insider Republicans and Democrats, and they want government to stop wasting our money.”

12 thoughts on “Redlich for NY Governor update, including 14% in a public television poll

  1. paulie

    1) What is the methodology of these polls…were any of them random surveys or were they all self-selecting samples?

    2) I thought I was on their press release list. Thanks for posting!

  2. Kimberly Wilder


    I guess Warren likes me better!

    (Actually, I think I must get some campaign supporter stuff, because I keep in touch with them so much.)

    I would guess that the poll by one tv show wasn’t extra scientific. But, it’s only a guess…

  3. paulie

    It’s something to create a feeling of momentum when a random sample poll that includes your candidate can’t be found.

  4. paulie

    Random opinion surveys have a record of being somewhat, although not always, accurate. Push polls, not so much. Granted all kinds of survey bias issues can creep in, but they can be averaged out over multiple polls. And the number of people intentionally lying to pollsters is fairly small, and not single-sided.

    The bigger challenge is getting included in the polls if you are not a D/R-oid.

  5. Robert Capozzi

    Redlich/McMillan…Stop Wasting Money/The Rent is Too Damn High. A match made in Heaven.

    Godspeed on 50K.

  6. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Unfortunately, Redlich has not only run a poor campaign, focusing on the theme of “Stop Wasting Money” instead of more libertarian issues but he has also alienated half the Libertarian Party in New York State. As I have stated, I believe the best he can lead the LP to is 7th place (possibly worse) and I am pretty certain he will not come close to getting the 50,000 votes required to obtain minor party status.

    The true “libertarian” in the race for Governor in New York State is Kristin Davis, who has focused her campaign on the Anti-Prohibition Party line toward arguing for the legalization of casino gambling, prostitution and marijuana.

    As someone who is not a member of the New York State Libertarian Party, I can speak the truth and Ms. Davis is the true libertarian in the race.

  7. paulie

    Wow, same thing for the third different thread….getting tired of repeating myself, but Ms. Davis’ terrible position on the (non) Mosque (that is not) at Ground Zero makes her less of a true libertarian.

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