A candidate’s tragic death leads her mother to advocacy

From the Washington Post:

When Natasha Pettigrew, a Green Party candidate for the U.S. Senate, was killed while riding her bicycle two months ago, her mother, Kenniss Henry, filled in, campaigning throughout Maryland.

“I pretty much was my own campaign team,” said Henry, who switched her party from Democratic to Green to take her daughter’s place in the race to unseat incumbent Barbara A. Mikulski.

On Election Day, Henry, of Cheverly, finished third with 1.13 percent of the vote. Mikulski (D) of Baltimore was reelected with 62 percent of the vote, and Eric Wargotz, a Republican, garnered 36 percent.

Henry said she does not plan to run for office again. And although the election loss ended her campaign mission, it allowed Henry to begin a new one.

Her new focus is advocating in Annapolis and on Capitol Hill for bicycle safety laws and tougher penalties for drivers who strike and kill bicyclists.

4 thoughts on “A candidate’s tragic death leads her mother to advocacy

  1. Single Winner District = Neanderthal Attractor

    How sad for Pettigrew [Green] and Henry [Green]. I agree with that, we do need more good class one bicycle lanes and better laws to encourage safer bike travel.

    The arrogant two-party system doesn’t allow for new ideas in these sensible proposals.
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    opposite gender #1!

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  2. Best We Can Do? [Lake]

    [a] cycle lanes are a good idea but not idiot proof. In San Diego there are stretches with concrete ‘parking lot’ bumpers. Every other year some fool on crack or crank manages to jump the barrier and kill a bike rider.

    [b] hope regulars from IPR sent cards to Mom, as the address was very easy to find.

  3. MMP James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]

    SUVs don’t kill bicyclists, people do…

    We all really do appreciate how her mother went on to try to effect change at the ballot box through the promise called democracy. Too often we read about the tragedy of the child or adult carrying his/her own weight in transportation, and they get eliminated by a vehicle.

    Natasha was most likely a beautiful person – she certainly had a beautiful name.

    Things happen where life presents us with some painful events that sometimes must be addressed.

    Whether it’s big fish eats little fish, bicyclist meets SUV, soldier fights war, sometimes there will be events that are just simply too tragic to explain.

    Your close neighbor or your own child might meet the fate imposed by a cold-blooded murderer.

    So when the bombs are exploding around you, the automatic gunfire continually spraying down on your position but you know not from where or for how long…you realize THEY aren’t going to stop at anything, and so it’s either you or them. You have to keep moving forward until the timing is right. And sometimes you move backwards or sideways too.

    Eventually you may find yourself in a better position for your glorious victory. Most likely as a coordinated army with a unified goal.

    If a few persons suffer from a little PTSD, it’s understandable and forgivable when the true circumstances are known.

    We know we can’t change the past, but we can still try to change the future and then everything will be a little bit better.
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