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Gold Mass Group: ‘Massachusetts Libertarians Advance’

By AuMass at Gold Mass Group:

CD-3 Patrick Barron got 4% in a 3-way
CD-5 State Committee member Bob Clark got 1% in a four way. He faced among others a classic tea party opponent who advocated war with Mexico – ‘send the army to occupy Northern Mexico’.

State Representative races
State Committee member Jon Loya got 29% in a two way
State Committee member Bob Underwood got 20% in a two way


We are no longer a major party. In 2012, our non-Federal candidates, hopefully far more of them, can run as “Libertarian”. And your state committee is about to do a fundraiser to see they are all well supported.

OTHER NEWS: The Republicans lost yet another seat in the State Senate. No Republicans were elected to Federal or statewide office. The Booze Tax increase was repealed. The “more paperwork for some developers” referendum was defeated. Alas, the sales tax cut did not succeed.

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  1. George Phillies George Phillies November 5, 2010

    In addition, if you are a major party, you have a primary, and Massachusetts makes it possible to use that primary to knock your real candidates off the ballot.

    Massachusetts, where until recently cars entering a rotary had the right of way over cars already in it…We do things our own unique way.

    The result of ‘not a major party’ is that next time our candidates except for statewide office will be able to run with “Libertarian” on the line after their name, and the statewide candidates will run the way Joe Kennedy did, with “Liberty” after their name.

  2. Darryl W. Perry Darryl W. Perry November 5, 2010

    That makes sense – thanks. Most States grant easier access to the “major” parties…

  3. paulie paulie November 5, 2010

    It actually makes ballot access more difficult to be classified as a major party in Mass. You need just as many signatures to get in your mandatory primary as you would have had to get as a minor party candidate in the general election, even if you are the only candidate, but…

    *you have to get them when the weather is colder


    *Democrats, Republicans, and anyone enrolled with a party other than your own can’t sign.

    The only people that can sign are those enrolled (registered) with your party, and those who are unenrolled, i. e. registered nonpartisan.

    In fact, it’s so bad that Republicans, who were only 13% of Mass registered voters last time I checked, have a tough time getting on the ballot.

    In 2008 I worked with a Ron Paul Republican who was the only Republican to attempt to get on the ballot in his US House district, and we barely made it.

  4. Darryl W. Perry Darryl W. Perry November 5, 2010

    I fail to see how it is “great news” that the Mass LP is no longer a “major party”. Can you please explain?

  5. George Phillies George Phillies November 5, 2010

    In other New England news, Rich Tomasso reports ‘this was a wave election and we got washed away’, with no NH Libertarians winning.

    Formed Phillies 2008 webmaster Seth Cohn ran as a Republican and won; he reports that around 8 other Free Staters also won in election to the State House of Representatives.

    Liberty for America did give NH Libertarians, in particular Federal candidate Ken Blevens, a Facebook and Google Adwords campaign spending in total $561.59 on actual ads. A separate donor specifically picked up the cost of our direct mail fundraiser. The advertising generated over 5.6 million impressions, mostly on Facebook. AdWords proved to be considerably more tricky than expected to persuade to work, so a modest amount of the money budgeted for AdWords could not be pushed through the system into ads despite considerable tweaking and exchange of emails (though when you do send adwords a message they are extremely responsive).

    There is some evidence that Facebooks ads are better pointed at Facebook pages, and with more notice next time we may try this approach.

    The direct mail fundraiser did get the message about the campaigns out to about 600 LPNH members and contacts, but was not very rewarding. Fortunately a separate donation covered it. In total we raised about $1000, about half by direct contact fundraising.

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