Huffington Post: ‘Richmond California’s Green Party Victory’

From the Huffington Post:

The 422 acres of spectacular bay-facing green space, wildlife habitat and submerged eel grass meadows known as Point Molate is the site of an historic wine port and village that later became part of a Navy fuel oil depot before the Navy sold it to the city in 2003 for one dollar. From a historic point of view, I guess you could argue that after alcohol and oil, gambling might make sense in terms of human addictions…

After years of promises and delays the city council finally agreed to a non-binding Ballot Measure U this fall that for the first time let the citizens of Richmond vote on whether they support a casino complex on their waterfront…

When the people finally got their say they rejected the pro-casino Measure U by a vote of 57.5 percent to 42.5 percent. Mayor Gayle McLaughlin [of the Green Party], despite being outspent by her opponent almost two to one, was re-elected along with two anti-casino candidates, her fellow Progressive Alliance running mate Jovanka Beckles, a children’s mental health provider and long-time city hall gadfly Corky Booze. None of the Chevron backed candidates won.

The new city council majority taking over in January will likely be voting 5-2 against the Casino at Point Molate. “People want to see something better there,” explained Jovanka Beckles. Of course lots of mischief could still take place during the old council’s lame duck session.

Still, Richmond shows what a dynamic coalition of environmentalists and political progressives working outside the traditional two-party system, unafraid to take on entrenched corporate interests, and with deep roots in their own community can achieve.

One thought on “Huffington Post: ‘Richmond California’s Green Party Victory’

  1. Carey Campbell

    It really is a spectacular Green Party victory for a brave lady, the Green Party’s Gayle .

    Gayle’s web site is a treat with excellent videos of her with Governor Schwartzenegger introducing green jobs programs, and giving a humble, kind, and thoughtful “State of the City” address.

    Enjoyable viewing.

    Applause to Gayle and all the Green Party candidates.

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