Irish Green Party, essential to current coalition, to quit government, forcing 2011 elections

In a step that may restore the oft-doubted credibility of the Irish Green Party, due to its presence in and necessity for a coalition government which presided over the financial crisis in Ireland, the party has called for an election, which will be held in January.  A very, very brief summary from the Christian Science Monitor:

Green Party calls for January election

The leader of the Green Party and Minister for the Environment John Gormley this morning announced his party’s intention to push for an election in the second half of January.

“We have now reached a point where the Irish people need political certainty to take them beyond the coming two months. So, we believe it is time to fix a date for a general election in the second half of January 2011,” he said.

A statement issued by the party said it intended to remain in government until January to contribute to the recovery plan, deliver the 2011 budget (due in December), and finalize the details of funding support from the EU and IMF.

A move for self-preservation

Kevin Bean, professor of Irish Studies at the University of Liverpool, told the Monitor that the Green Party’s decision was driven by self-preservation. “Going into government was difficult for them and they’re [now] trying to salvage something [by walking out],” he says.

19 thoughts on “Irish Green Party, essential to current coalition, to quit government, forcing 2011 elections

  1. NewFederalist

    I guess the lesson is that it is tough on the inside and tough on the outside. I wonder if the LibDems will find things to be similar in the UK?

  2. Carey Campbell

    By chance, on the way home tonight, I ran into an Irish gentleman. He works at the World Bank on Green grant projects. He shared the disappointment about the Green Party leaving this conservative coalition.

    Greens entered this government over 3 years ago. It held together over trying economic times in Ireland with the real estate and banking challenges.

    The Green Party coverage tonight is broad and deep. Just a few of the many Green Party stories.

    Green Party leader,
    Mr Gormley said he regretted very much that “the country is in the hands of the IMF and I think I and my colleagues are deeply upset by what has happened.”

    Video: Irish Taoiseach Cowen avoids direct answers EUX.TV

  3. Carey Campbell

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    Green party aims high in regional elections

    By Gerrit Wiesmann in Freiburg
    Published: November 21 2010 16:57 | Last updated: November 21 2010 16:57
    Germany’s opposition Green party used its annual congress in Freiburg this weekend to galvanise its supporters for regional elections next year that could see the youthful movement it challenging the mainstream parties for power.

  4. tiradefaction


    The LibDems seem to be betting everything on passing electoral reform. If that loses though…I don’t think they’ll stay a viable party for much afterwards.

  5. pete healey

    Thanks for all the links Carey. This one is a special interest of mine (I have dual citizenship). I’m gonna predict now that the referendum in Britain will win because I’ve seen how well organized the “Yes” campaign is, and the new Labour Party leader is a supporter and there are few if any good “No” arguments (other than that the result won’t be proportional elections).

  6. MMP James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]

    @5 Fortunately the Liberal Democrats are a lot further along than you realize. Wow, the Labor Leader finally supports this? I was very disappointed with PM Tony Blair. I felt like the Internet and PR helped him and Labor win, but then when he came out against it, I felt betrayed…much like when Clinton won and he didn’t appoint Lani Guinier as US Attorney General.
    * * *

    Join the Frees,
    opposite gender #1!
    “Why do you THINK they called it Google?”

    * * *
    * * *
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    *Volunteer Beta Testers Wanted*

  7. Mark Seidenberg

    It has been just over 110 years ago that my maternal grandparents wed in Dublin, then
    moved to England. Then in 1903 move to Canada where my mother was born . In July, 1904 the family entered the United States at
    Michigan (No Ellis Island).

    Years latters a member of the extended family
    became the Lord Mayor of Dublin, viz.,
    Robert Briscoe.

    Now my second cousin son is in Israel studying to become a rabbi. When I returns
    to Ireland my hope I can bring a rabbi with me. Ireland has lost its population in general
    and its Jewish population in specific from its
    high point at the end of the 19th century.

    I am the Vice Chairman of the 3rd largest political party in California and still were
    my button 26 + 6 = one. England needs to
    leave Ireland. Until Ireland is free the Irish
    population will keep and getting smaller.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Vice Chairman,
    American Independent Party

  8. Alaska Constitution Party

    Mark, is it the platform of the national CP with its Christian emphasis part of the reason for your animosity? Do you feel that you have been sleighted because of this? I am asking this in sincerity. Personally, I believe that we all need to focus on our commonality. Strengthen that which unites us, let the divisions wither from neglect. Otherwise, we have already been divided and conquered.

  9. MMP James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]

    @ 7

    Join the Frees,
    free Ireland!

    My Aunt has a cottage in Ireland. 🙂
    But I’ve never been, myself.

    As far as Israel goes, they use PR too, as well as the Republic of Ireland. But I don’t see why Israel can’t bring Palestinians into their government more. And why can’t Ireland be united?

    Voting is a peaceful operation, can’t they vote on that?

    I think Lawrence Beliz [American Independent] is a far out person, as you know, he voted in our “Coalition of Seven” (see below). I talked to him several times during the campaign. He liked our system of ranking names.

    Alpine County sounds like a majestic place.
    Isn’t that around Mt. Lassen?

    I don’t know much about Ireland, but I suppose it’s divided, with Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland being separate.

    I think we can make like the Republic of Ireland, and have a multi-party elections system in the US starting with California.

    We shall keep in communication through IPR.

    The USA Parliament is like a combination of Switzerland (they use the triple prime minister system) and Ireland, the three prime ministers are called “Taoiseachs”. Pronounced “TEE shocks”.

    Did you see our rules?

    Hey, we should all coordinate more. Try to get your rules timed with ours, and please try to get some coordination. You know the old saying, “united we stand”.

    I think we should unite on much grander scale.

    I was good friends with Jerry McCready [American Independent] in Castroville. Have you heard from him? We need to coordinate with him too, starting 1/1/2011 in Central California.

    I think the foundation is laid, we just need to build on it. We welcome your name if you’re interested, if you want to give it a trial run.

    I’m may be on good terms with MSP Markham Robinson [American Independent] too, but he is rather overbearing. The USA Parliament’s rules are voted on by ranking each rule. But it seems like he’s writing your rules all alone. There are many variations of Independents, and we have a chance to unify them all, in an “All Party System”, with independents.

    We have an edge, because we started as 125 nominees for US President in 1995.

    But I initially counted the votes incorrectly. We could have elected 100 names, instead we elected more of a party list system where each name received a portion of seats. Click on the history to see what I mean…it took me a few years to improve the vote counting, but now we elect 100 names every time.

    Hope you like it. Join the Frees, free Ireland!
    –James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
    * * *

    Join the Frees,
    opposite gender #1!

    Free Ireland!

    “Why do you THINK they called it Google?”

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  10. Mark Seidenberg

    TO: Alaska Constitution Party

    I have no problem with the platform I signed
    for the American Independent Party in Kansas
    City in 2008. I was the head of the California
    Delegation and signed it for the AIP. However,
    I believe the platform of the America’s Independent Party is a far better platform.

    I do not have an animosity for the CP. I do have a problem on the way certain persons on
    the leadership treated Dr. Alan Keyes and its
    2004 presidential candidate (also from Maryland). You might not remember the events post Tampa. I do.

    The next court hearing will be on March 11, 2011, for KING vs. ROBINSON. Jim King has
    been suing the AIP Chairmen since the middle
    of 2008. He has been a total losser with his
    backers on the CP Executive Committee.

    The AIP State Central Committee voted to join
    the America’s Independent Party on June 27,
    2008. Ever since AIP left the party has grown.
    Last figures from the California Secretary of State show the party registration in California
    at 413,032. Don Grundmann and his leadership of the Constiution Party of California is now at a whole 163.

    AI’sP has supported the American Constitution Party pick for Governor of

    The State Central Committee of AIP wanted no
    part of Chelene Nightengale or Jim King. Don
    Grundmann has not been on the State Central
    Committee of the AIP since September 2, 2008. However, he gives disinformation on
    this site that he is the Chairman of the SCC and
    Alameda County CC. Yet Nathan Sorenson is
    the elected Chairman of AIP and Patrick Colglazier is the elected Chairman of the
    Alameda County Central Committee.

    It is nice to here that there is an Alaska Constitution Party. I have spent lots of
    time in Alaska.

    Back in 1884 Congress passed the first
    Alaska Organic Act. That Act included to types of land to form the District of Alaska,
    viz., the territory that was acquired by the
    Treaty of Washington 1867 (with Russia)
    and territory “known as Alaska” a term of
    art of other lands that got there way entered in the Alaska File that was set up in the United
    State Department of the Treasury in 1877 –
    1884. This file came about because of an exchange of formal letter between the Secretary of War and the Secretary of the Treasury in 1877.

    In 1882 the Navy Department sent to the Secretary of the Treasury letters that the
    islands named Herald, and three De Long
    Islands were annexed by the United States
    Government in the Arctic Ocean. Capt.
    Calvin Hooper of the Treasury Department
    gave a lawful order to one of his officers to
    annex Wrangell Island (North of Siberia under
    the name of New Columbia) and he carried out
    that order. It was Major Clark who was head of
    USRM that directed the island Wrangell placed
    in that Alaska File at the Treasury Department,
    because of the annexation. It showed be noted that the same Captain Hooper in December, 1898 gave the lawful order for the
    Navy Deparment sua sponte to annex Wake Island in the Pacific Ocean to the United States. Capt. Hooper ship was the Corwin and
    that 3rd Lt. that did the annexation of Wrangell Island in 1881 later became an Admiral in the United States Coast Guard and
    was the head of the Coast Guard and a war hero of the Spanish American War.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Vice Chairman,
    American Independent Party

  11. Mark Seidenberg

    Just read the above. I note an error. I wrote
    “to types of land”. It should state “two types of
    land”. It also should be noted that Forrester
    Island was in the latter, viz., “known as Alaska”
    because it was not included in the lands from
    Russia by the Treaty of Washington of 1867.
    As an after item Copper Island, Sea Lion Rock,
    and Sea Otter Rock was included in the Alaska
    by the Treaty of Washington, when the talks
    raised the price from $7,000,000 to $7,200,000 at the drafting of that treaty at
    Steward’s home in Washington, DC, because
    the US Government at the time want control
    of more of the Pacific Fur Seals that was used
    in the China trade.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg

  12. peacenik

    I have no problem with the platform I signed
    for the American Independent Party in Kansas
    City in 2008. I was the head of the California
    Delegation and signed it for the AIP. However,
    I believe the platform of the America’s Independent Party is a far better platform.

    Specifics, please. How is it better? What is better about it?

  13. MMP James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]


    You don’t see the connection? He’s Irish, and the thread is about Ireland.

    The Alaskan Constitution Party posted a comment, and he’s trying to build a bridge to them.

    He’s contemplating about history…Alaska…Alaska Constitution Party, and how his life and influence within the AIP could affect or be affected by Ireland.

    It’s interesting, as there were platforms of the AIP and CP issues and there were historical letters that had a great impact. I see the parallel.

    @13 notes that there were differences, but that Mr. Mark Seidenberg was OK with the differences. But he has already pointed out how much historical impact a letter can have.

    Kind of like, how it was before the Internet.

    He’s probably realizing that through ranked choice voting, multiple ideas can be proposed by multiple people, and quickly as the ideas/platform can be ranked, decisions can be made on which the American Independent and Constitution Parties can unite. Perhaps he sees the situation in Ireland as parallel?

    However, he says Mr. Allen Keyes was a candidate in 2004 and mistreated in Maryland. That must be a typo, Keyes was a Republican candidate in 2006. Maybe he meant to say Keys was mistreated in 2008 by the Constitution Party.

    There may be a possibility Mr. Allen Keyes wants to run again, or that he lives in California?

    I can see breakdowns easily happening under winner-take-all plurality voting. Allen Keyes is a very charismatic speaker, but I can see party mechanisms causing an unfair convention.
    Often times peoples’ egos and mean spirited attitudes can cause them to do weird things under plurality politics.

    Because in plurality elections, the news media wants a story of conflict. Mushy-mushy working together to find solutions might not sell stories. But we have the new story developing now, it’s the proportionalists vs the pluralists.

    The single winner power district power grabbing egotists, vs the team players. Opposite gender #1 as a more possible scenario for teamwork.

    When so much emphasis is giving to the debate, the news media, and not to the democratic process or including all people and ideas, friction and malcontent can occur. Everyone wants the fairest way.

    That’s why 100 consecutively ranked names with plenty of consecutively ranked names as back-ups is better. Because it diminishes the importance of chair and vice chair (#s 1 & 2), and creates a mechanism for #s 3 through 100 to form groups and alliances in coalition building. Platforms can be elected as quickly as unlimited nominations of planks can be ranked and counted. Any with 50% plus one vote are passed.

    #1 and #2 still exist, but under pure PR, the large majority of elected names at #s 3 to 100 are not controlled by them. #1 and #2, chair and vice chair are simply the initial contacts for the ruling coalition.

    So Mr. Seidenberg, who is a highly knowledgeable good person and Irish, is #2 in California.

    And Mr. Robinson [American Independent] is #1. He is a good person, and a highly educated mathematician, himself.

  14. Alaska Constitution Party

    Thanks Mark & James,

    Yes, let’s see how and where we (all concerned) can work together to accompish shared ideals. As hard as personality issues can be (and believe me I know), ultimately we must realize a higher vision beyond our own individual circumstances in order for freedom to advance. I hope this doesn’t sound hypocritical, but we must resist the dynamics which continually lead us into splitting up into hostile fractures/factions. Those who love liberty and our constitutional legacy MUST overcome petty differences. We MUST take a mature approach to politics and realize the effectiveness of the opposition in keeping us divided from one another. Oftentimes, we have literally become our own worst enemies. Perhaps forgiveness is the key here, or at least a pragmatic approach to issues oriented policy evelopment and implementation.
    I hope this resonates with others.

  15. Stop The wars

    Mr. Seidenberg has once again failed to explain what is better about the America’s Independent Party platform than the Constitution Party platform in his opinion.

    Would anyone who thinks the America’s Independent Party platform is better than the Constitution Party platform explain why they think so?

    Note that this question is only directed to those who think the America’s Independent Party platform is better than the Constitution Party platform, not those who have the opposite view or hold no opinion in the matter.

    If you don’t think the America’s Independent Party platform is better than the Constitution Party platform, please do not reply to my query but leave it for someone who does think so to answer.

  16. Elli Davis

    @ Stop The Wars

    Maybe my reply will annoy you, but I still I have a right to reply.

    I personally don’t think it’s a question of “which is better”, both platforms have their strenghts and weaknesses.

    Thus, I fully agree in the point that anyone who says the other platform is better should explain why and give proper arguments.


  17. paulie

    “Thus, I fully agree in the point that anyone who says the other platform is better should explain why and give proper arguments.”

    Why would that annoy me? That was my point.

    “I personally don’t think it’s a question of “which is better”, both platforms have their strenghts and weaknesses.”

    What do you think those are?

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