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Lynne Williams thanks her supporters

The 2010 Green candidate for governor, who then dropped out to run for State Senate, sent the following email to the supporters of her Senate race (Williams received about 12 percent of the vote, which was actually less than the margin between the Democrat and the Republican):

While I am disappointed in the results of the race in State Senate District 28, I do not regret having run. I raised issues during the campaign that probably wouldn’t have been raised by either of the major party candidates. It was particularly gratifying when I was speaking and I noticed one of my opponents taking notes on the ideas I was presenting. I have already spoken to Brian Langley, the Republican Senator-elect, and told him I now have him on speed-dial because I have lots of ideas that I believe Augusta can use. He is very open to bringing forth legislation from any of his constituents regardless of party and I believe he will be open to IRV and amending the expedited wind law that is harming so many rural communities.

I had some wonderful folks helping me on the campaign and I am very grateful to them. Antonio Blasi, Joe Lendvai, Charlie Wiggins, Suzanne Fitzgerald…put up signs all over the district. Antonio, who is a rural letter carrier, kept me constantly informed about what mail was hitting people’s mailboxes. My friend Terry O’Connell and my intern Lindsay Britton were invaluable in getting me qualified for Clean Elections funding. My son Brendan walked precincts and helped in many other ways. David Bright designed my beautiful signs and my literature, and got someone to produce my television spots within a 24 hour period, when sudden matching funds materialized. Both David and Jean Hay Bright were a constant source of reassurance. The wonderful Rosemary Haskell was such a dedicated volunteer. Rosemary joined the Green Party at the behest of our beloved Jack Harrington, and did a great job in Deer Isle. Many others helped in many ways, including signing an open letter published in the newspaper supporting my candidacy.

In the final analysis, this race became a Dem v. Rep race. Dems were warned that not voting for the Dem would mean getting a Rep Senator. Reps were told that ours was one of three seats that would determine whether or not the Reps would take over the Senate. I received innumerable emails and phone calls from constituents, and many of them said they were so impressed with me, but felt a responsibility to vote for their party nominee. My highest percentages were from the off shore islands, an independent bunch of folks.

Anyway, I’ve already been approached to run for the Bar Harbor Town Council, a thankless job if there ever was one. I love being on the Planning Board, but will work to find some good candidates for Council. And, of course, I will continue to help build the party in Hancock County.

Thank you all for your help.


  1. Green Party Conservative Green Party Conservative November 4, 2010

    Bloomberg reaching out to Greens, and growing Green business…

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg is traveling to China to lead an international committee on climate change this weekend.

    Last month during Climate Week, Bloomberg was elected to chair the C40 Climate Leadership Group. The group is an association of major cities around the world committed to reducing carbon emissions and slowing climate change.

    The mayor will chair meetings tomorrow and Saturday. He will also deliver a keynote address.

    During the trip, Bloomberg will head underground to get an up close look at Hong Kong’s subway system. On most days, the mayor takes New York’s subway to City Hall.

  2. Green Party Conservative Green Party Conservative November 4, 2010

    Lynne’s point is a positive one. The Green Party candidates on the ballot have a constructive impact on the debate in every campaign.

    Of course with Michael Bloomberg leading the Green Party, pulling Independents, and Independence Parties together to form America’s Third Major Party – The Green Party..

    Greens could be elected at every level. Local, State, Federal. Thousands of Greens could and would be elected with a Michael Bloomberg lead Green Party.

  3. paulie paulie November 4, 2010

    Michael Bloomberg leading the Green Party

    Ain’t happening. No way, no how.

  4. Ross Levin Ross Levin Post author | November 4, 2010

    Green Party Conservative (I’m fairly sure you’re Carey Campbell, btw), you’ve got to stop twisting reality or living in an alternate one or whatever you do. Bloomberg has NOTHING to do with the Greens and he isn’t even reaching out to Greens.

  5. paulie paulie November 4, 2010

    Green Party Conservative (I’m fairly sure you’re Carey Campbell, btw),

    Well, you could check if you wanted to. I could too, although I haven’t bothered. Although, Carey Campbell was recently talking about his belief that people should post under their own name in another thread. Not that I believe that myself, but that was his contention.

  6. Carey Campbell Carey Campbell November 4, 2010

    Hello Gentlemen,

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    Ross, Paulie,

    I know Michael Bloomberg. Respect him.

    Michael Bloomberg is a GREAT American.

    He has lived the American dream. Honest. Honorable. Up right.

    That’s why the Independent Green Party of Virginia put him on the ballot in 2008.

    That’ why our IG affilliated with Bloomberg’s Independence Party of New York.

    I respectfully suggest to both you gentlemen.

    You’d be mistaken to underestimate Michael Bloomberg in anything.

    America does need a third Major Political Party.

    Inspired by Green Party founder Petra Kelly, who I met 30 years ago…

    With Independents and Greens, I’ve spent decades working to create that Green Party.

    It may not be the version of the Green Party you want Ross. Fine. Go create that Green Party by 30 years of work. My version of the Green Party is the Green Party on the verge of taking over leadership in Germany.

    Either way, we all have a duty to each other to make the greatest effort and positive contribution to this society and world that is within us.


    Thank you for reading what I wrote, and remembering. There are days even my wife doesn’t do that. 😉

    Context matters. As I recall, I suggested that a critic of Ralph Nader, should have the courage to at least use their own name.

    Having collected 13,000 petition signatures to put Ralph on the ballot 10 years ago…. I still admire the gentleman, and think harsh, and I believe in that unfair critics should have the courage to use their own name.

    Thank both you gentlemen for the fine work you do.

  7. paulie paulie November 5, 2010

    Here are some reasons why I said

    Ain’t happening. No way, no how.:

    He opposes a timeline for withdrawal from Iraq, and criticizes those who favor one.

    He supports the strict drug laws of New York City. He has stated that he smoked marijuana in the past, and was quoted in a 2001 interview as saying “You bet I did. I enjoyed it”. This led to a reported $500,000 advertising campaign by NORML, featuring his image and the quote. Bloomberg stated in a 2002 interview that he regrets the remark, and does not believe that marijuana should be decriminalized.

    He supports a federal ID database that uses DNA and fingerprint technology to keep track of all citizens and to verify their legal status.

    Bloomberg is also a supporter of the USA PATRIOT Act.

    He is in favor of providing tax breaks to big corporations for the good of the whole community. As mayor, Bloomberg lobbied the CEO of Goldman Sachs to establish its headquarters across from Ground Zero by promising $1.65 billion in tax breaks. Regarding this deal, Bloomberg stated, “This [New York City] is where the best want to live and work. So I told him [CEO of Goldman Sachs], ‘We can help with minimizing taxes. Minimizing your rent. Improving security. [P: IE corporate welfare, special privileges to big business that their small business competition doesn’t get]

    In regard to the global War on Terrorism including Iraq he said, “It’s not only to protect Americans. It’s America’s responsibility to protect people around the world who want to be free.” During the 2004 presidential election campaign, New York City hosted the Republican National Convention at which Bloomberg endorsed President George W. Bush for President of the United States.

    Mayor Bloomberg is often a proponent of large-scale development. He has repeatedly come down in favor of projects such as the Atlantic Yards mega-development, the Hudson Yards redevelopment, and the Harlem rezoning proposal. [P: Much of this large scale development includes eminent domain abuse, or “slum clearing,” often targeting poor people and small businesses].

  8. paulie paulie November 5, 2010

    On most days, the mayor takes New York’s subway to City Hall.

    From the above referenced wikipedia article:

    Bloomberg is, by his own accounts at least, a frequent rider of the New York City Subway, particularly in the commute from his 79th Street home to his office at City Hall. An August 2007 story in The New York Times contradicted this notion, suggesting instead that he often was chauffeured by two New York Police Department-owned SUVs to an express train station to avoid having to change from the local to the express trains on the Lexington Avenue line.[16]

    16 points to ^ Grynbaum, Michael M. (August 1, 2007). “Mayor Takes the Subway– by Way of S.U.V.”

    . New York Times.


  9. paulie paulie November 5, 2010

    Read that newspaper story. Interesting reading. Back to wikipedia….

    Despite the fact that 68 percent of New York City’s registered voters are Democrats, Bloomberg decided the city should host the 2004 Republican National Convention. The Convention drew thousands of protesters, many of them local residents angry over the Iraq war and other issues. The Police Department arrested approximately 1,800 protesters, but according to The New York Times, more than 90 percent of the cases were later dismissed or dropped for lack of evidence.

  10. Ross Ross November 5, 2010

    So Bloomberg supports continual war, a police state, corporatism, and oligarchy. You can attach the name “Green” to something but that doesn’t make it so. Regardless of his character (which I do doubt), his policies are extremely far from green.

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