US News & World Reports blogger says that Murkowski’s win shows voters are ready for a “third way”

(excerpt from) U.S. News & World Reports blog
Murkowski’s Win Gives Hope for Third Party Solution
by Susan Milligan / November 19, 2010

…Winning an election as a major party nominee is surely satisfying; capturing the seat because tens of thousands of people made the effort to write in one’s name [as Senator Lisa Murkowski did] is exhilarating. These are not voters who pulled a lever because it had an “R” or “D” after a candidate’s name. These are voters who assertively wanted Murkowski and were willing to take the chance that splitting the conservative vote could swing the election to the Democrat, Scott McAdams (who didn’t come close to winning).

While Murkowski is hardly the anti-establishment candidate, her apparent re-election offers a glimmer of hope for whatever electoral structure will emerge from the current system, which has contributed to a crippling dysfunction on Capitol Hill. The answer may well be a third party, and Murkowski’s success shows that voters are willing to go a third way—even in the safer context of voting for an incumbent—to get their choice, despite who the two major political parties have chosen for voters to consider…

4 thoughts on “US News & World Reports blogger says that Murkowski’s win shows voters are ready for a “third way”

  1. Darryl W. Perry

    This doesn’t “prove” that people “are ready for a ‘third way'” – it proves that an incumbent Senator could win reelection without the help of her party.

  2. Sean Scallon

    “Third way” to what pray tell? One could honestly say the Murkowski’s of the world is the reason the Sarah Palins exist. Before anyone goes mushy on her remember she was the benefit of one of the most blatant acts of political nepotism in U.S. history and it angers people, particularly those who supported Miller. All she is the establishment personified and she won because she got enough Democrat support to do so.

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