Las Vegas Review Journal Front Page – Libertarian Convention 2012

Las Vegas will host Libertarian convention


The Libertarians are coming.

Las Vegas will host its first presidential convention when the Libertarian Party meets here in 2012. Convening at the Red Rock Resort May 4-6, one of the country’s largest third parties will pick its nominee for the White House.

The event promises to increase the election-year spotlight on Nevada, which also will hold the first-in-the-West Republican and Democratic caucuses on Feb. 18, after the traditional tests in Iowa and New Hampshire. The early contests will help winnow the presidential field in what’s expected to be a highly contested Republican bid to challenge President Barack Obama.

Besides political theater, the Libertarian convention and its 1,000 delegates will provide a financial boost to Las Vegas. The meeting is expected to create a non-gaming economic impact of more than $700,000 from conventiongoers alone, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. Members of the media and others attracted by the event will add to the projected spending.

The Las Vegas convention, which C-SPAN will televise, should make for an interesting political show. Unlike the main party meetings, which are choreographed crownings of the presidential nominees every four years, the Libertarians battle it out on the floor, with the best man or woman winning the nod.

“It should be a very interesting dogfight,” said Wayne Allyn Root, the Libertarian vice presidential nominee in 2008 and a potential front-runner for the 2012 contest. “Everyone assumes I will be one of the leading candidates. But I haven’t decided whether I will run for president. for the rest of the article, front page in the LVRJ’s Nevada Section.

24 thoughts on “Las Vegas Review Journal Front Page – Libertarian Convention 2012

  1. Alaska Constitution Party

    The Tea Party is far more encompassing than being simply a libertarian movement. There are many ordinary hithertofor politically uninvolved people in it. It would be a mistake for anyone to claim absolute credit/leadership of this phenomenon.

  2. NewFederalist

    Ventura? No way! Ron Paul? Why would he want to do it again? Gary Johnson? Perhaps but only when he gets crushed in the GOP primaries and then it is too late. Root? Ugh! Anybody else? Yeah, baby!

  3. Thane Eichenauer

    There is clearly room for improvement in this article. Speculation about Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul or Gary Johnson seems like pure filler. Of course in the authors favor it isn’t as if there are any other names of note that could be speculated about.

    I also point out how Root gets plenty of optimistic words in while state chair Joe Silvestri manages to include the terms “perpetually underfunded” and “given up hope”. Even if true and even if the second term is supposed to be applied to Republicans or Democrats it wouldn’t inspire me to go out and seek the Libertarian Party.

    Go Wayne Allyn Root! (so long as he doesn’t promote the continued occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan)

  4. Gene Berkman

    I think Jesse Ventura has compromised his credentials with his Conspiracy program on Tru TV – entertaining as it might be.

    Ron Paul will probably decline to run for President in 2012 in any party, because he is getting older. Paul has already indicated a favorable attitude toward Gary Johnson.

    Gary Johnson is closer to the Libertarian positions on abortion and immigration than Ron Paul, and would clearly be a better fit for the Libertarian Party than as a Republican candidate. If he gets some publicity in early GOP debates, he will still have time to drop out of the Republican race early, if he thinks the Libertarian nomination is worth pursuing.

  5. End the TSA

    Johnson would have more to gain by running Republican more than once. An LP run would most likely hurt him.

    Ventura talks libertarian, but as mayor and governor his actions fell shy of his rhetoric. More recently he has said all political parties should be abolished. Don’t see that happening.

    Ron Paul has been there and done that, and I very seriously doubt he would go there again.

    There’s always “speculation” about marquee candidates that are highly unlikely to seek or accept the LP nomination, by people with little understanding of the realities involved.

    How about some realistic consideration of who the nominee might be?

  6. Darryl W. Perry

    R. Lee Wrights has started an exploratory committee

    I’ve heard from someone that he was considering a run; but since he hasn’t made that public, I won’t say who

    Barry Hess may think about it, I’d like to see Mary Ruwart seek the nomination… and of course Milnes will try getting the LP to use PLAS – which they won’t do, neither will the BTP.

  7. Andy

    “Gene Berkman // Dec 1, 2010 at 5:48 pm

    I think Jesse Ventura has compromised his credentials with his Conspiracy program on Tru TV – entertaining as it might be.”

    I disagree. I think that his Conspiracy Theory show has enhanced his credentials for a presidential run.

    Jesse Ventura for President would be huge. It would be bigger than anyone who has been talked about for the LP nomination. I think that it would be bigger than any of Ralph Nader’s runs as well.

  8. Andy

    “Darryl W. Perry // Dec 1, 2010 at 6:30 pm

    R. Lee Wrights has started an exploratory committee

    and of course Milnes will try getting the LP to use PLAS”

    These are joke candidates, even by minor party standards.

  9. MMP James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]


    While I’m a Nott Libertarian, I’d like to say I do like the way the LP is moving towards 1000 delegates.

    I like that number.

    That would be exactly 85 units from each of the twelve super-states, and right in line with my plans. (Doesn’t the LP use 13 regions?)

    I want to make two points here;
    1) That Milnes should keep it up, but run opposite gender #1 because I think I’m on to something, and we need his energy. When I ran for chair of the California Libertarian Party of California four years ago in 2007, when MP Aaron Starr [Libertarian] set up the election for chair in a rather biased manner (maybe it was me, but I thought so)…I would like to say that I said there was a problem with the way they were electing their BoDs.

    First, they should elect a chair/vice chair simultaneously. In fact, they SHOULD elect 100 members, with #s 1 & 2 as chair and vice chair.
    And with #s 3 through 100 having four year terms as well, where a ruling coalition could form and elect the five rotating executives…but I’m getting off point here.

    I had a booth there, and was passing out copies of this page, and the ballot for ss11-6;

    I said “We have a problem here with diversity, do you notice there are not many African Americans present here?” And people looked around, and there wasn’t a single non white in the whole convention floor.

    And you know what, they were courting candidates with money like MMP Daniel Imperato, and MP Bob Barr, and they weren’t looking at their voting system either. The party bosses certainly were on some sort of ego trip.

    And guess what, America elected our first African American President of the US the following year.

    But did you notice, the satisfaction level may have been high, but it could have been higher.

    I’m talking about prez/VP raising that level of satisfaction to 66.66% plus two votes, guaranteed under STV – the same system of ranked voting the LP already uses, but as a single winner district.

    Electing Prez as a single winner district under STV keeps your satisfaction level down at 50% plus one vote. Not high enough on the satisfaction level, guys. That’s why I say, vote for the opposite gender #1, because we can guarantee gender balance if 2/3rds alternate genders, and get the satisfaction level to 66.66% plus two votes.

    BTW, in the USA-PAR with 100 elected, it would be 99% plus 100 votes guaranteed.

    And now, the Libertarian Party has the same problem, lack of diversity and lack of gender balance. Because they’re probably going to keep the same system of single winner district.

    So even if 2/3rds of the voters wanted and voted for gender balance, they wouldn’t get it, because you’ll have someone pick the running mate besides the voters on the floor.

    And the party bosses will be all too happy to mess up as fast as they can!

    And so I write you and tell you that we can change that for the Libertarian Party, but it takes work on behalf of people like Milnes. He and everyone has to understand that he should run, and should ask everyone to alternate genders and get the highest ranked male and highest ranked female or visa versa.

    Forget about money, and age, and we all run anyway. I do it all the time, it isn’t a big deal.

    Sure some people will think they have the rhetoric down “…it’s going to be a dog fight…” but who knows, there may be something else more special out there.

    And if you have 50 people running, but you only have six hours of speaking time, then split the time proportionately and give them seven minutes each. To keep a cap on the numbers of candidates will hurt your chances. In my opinion, you need scores of candidadtes, and less time with the parliamentarians.

    And let people under 35 run like MP Darryl Perry [Boston Tea] run and speak this year, so they can can get practice.

    I’m going to run, with MP Lani Guinier [Republican] myself.

    I may not be there in NV, but anyone may write in my name if you like what I stand for and you want to see the “All Party System” with Independents promoted.

    (Sorry about the tirade…I must be wasting some xs and 0s.)

    #2) Milnes has to realize, that since The USA Parliament’s President is MP Ron Paul [Republican], and that it’s the way the votes came out.

    MP Paul [Republican] was the top vote getter of 100 consecutively ranked names.

    I emailed MP Paul, but he didn’t respond. Some people are “too big”.

    However, his good friend of twenty years, the USA Parliament, Inc.’s central Prime Minister, honorable PM Ralph Hoffmann [Democratic-Republican] IS an active member. Hoffmann voted for Christina Tobin as Secretary.

    So you see, some people work together and some don’t. But just because they’re Democratic or Republican (OR Democratic-Republican), doesn’t actually matter within The USA Parliament, Inc. If they work together as a team…great! If they don’t, that’s OK too, (but not as good).

    It’s not like what you’re used to in single winner plurality elections.

    But however anyone self-categorizes, they are but one equal unit of 100. *If* they are team players, now THAT’s what’s important!

    Now can you imagine if you got some Socialists, Greens, Democratic and Republicans, Constitution, etc., on you team as team players?

    Maybe one Communist in 100 might have a good idea, that 50% plus one of the 100 likes?

    But one of 100 doesn’t control the other 99, you know.
    * * *

    BTW Thane @4, I really liked your link to the Free Soil Party. Everyone check out his digital cartoon, if you have a chance.

    Yeah, I’m running for President AND Vice President…both. And I invite everyone to run for both with me, it’s the best way from my “vast” experience with the USA Parliament.

    Go Ogle for President! Google YOUR name! A female/Ogle/a female…how about if I’ll be the first JOO to be president? A female/JOO/A Female!

    Everyone, that’s the way to go, go YOUR name (or someone to represent your name) #2, and Nott #1. (or visa versa)…but if you like my plan, throw me a tic. I’ll be happy to be #3 or #4. See what I mean? Let’s do this as a team, and stay a team after we win.

    That’s what I’M talking about. How do you like that? May I put your name down as one of 100?
    * * *

    Join the Frees,
    opposite gender #1

    Draft A Female/Nott for President!
    A female #1, and Nott #2
    (for male voters)

    Everyone is invited to the party,
    the programmer is Nott!
    We’re Nott Libertarians!

    “And BTW, why do you THINK they called it Google?”

    See the ad “Draft Nott/A Female for Prez/VP in 2012″, a coalition for Libertarian Party females on the USA Parliament’s web page;

    Go Free Soil Party!

    Free Ireland!
    In Coalition with;
    MP Don Grundmann [Constitution] for US Senate in 2012, PLUS at least one US Senate Candidate in every state/super-state state.

    Get the Swing vote in 2012!
    Swing [Green] for Senate in CO!

    MP Don Grundmann [Constitution] for US Senate!

    * * *
    GoNott Search for Presidential Candidates!
    Try it, GoNott YOUR name!

  10. George Phillies

    Wrights has an exploratory committee. Its membership is reported on

    They are already receiving money and will have a web page open in the immediate future.

  11. jim

    “I disagree. I think that his Conspiracy Theory show has enhanced his credentials for a presidential run. ”

    I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic or not. That show is one of the biggest jokes on television. Even if there is merit to any of the conspiracies, Ventura ruins it with his lunacy and choreographed setups. There are so many hilarious moments of that awfulness it would take awhile to cover them all. That show has set back any type of conspiracy theory by simply being associated with Ventura.

  12. Robert Milnes

    @11, I notice my name mentioned several times in association with USAPP.
    For the record, I have nothing personally to do with this and do not anticipate that to change. I do not see it working. I would like to see all reactionaries(dems & reps) voted out in favor of libertarians & greens @50-50. i.e. via PLAS.
    I decided on m libertarian for several reasons. Including 50-50 m/f in candidates & appointees.
    I am especially adverse to having anything to do with Ron Paul, counterrevolutionary.

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  14. MMP James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]

    Milnes, I’ve told you I’m interested in PLAS,
    after all I like your 50/50 idea, although I’m for opposite gender #1.

    Furthermore, MP Darryl Perry [Boston Tea] is an extremely key Libertarian. In the past he has been more helpful than any other Libertarian I know of, having time to help power The USA Parliament, Inc. with his votes.

    I know nobody has time to dig up the info., but he is one the main key players in The USA Parliament, Inc., along with MSP Diane Templin [American Independent], Lawrence Beliz [American Independent], Prime Minister Chelene Nightingale [Constitution], Vanessa Moreley [Defender of the Republic], Prime Minister Gail Lightfoot [Libertarian]…to name a few.

    If not for Darryl Perry [Boston Tea] voting our our rules for the multi-party team, which pretty much laid the groundwork for the 2010 “Coalition of Seven”, we wouldn’t HAVE a “Coalition of Seven” elected from amongst the 42 ballot qualified state candidates in 2010.

    Maybe if you can explain what PLAS is I can help you. Somebody IS interested, so why don’t you explain? MP Darryl Perry [Boston Tea] is probably the best person the national Libertarian Party has in my opinion.
    * * *

    Join the Frees,
    opposite gender #1

    “GoNott Advertise is better than Google’s ads,
    because it’s owned by The USA Parliament, Inc.;
    A coalition of Americans united for the purpose of establishing truly representative government.

    Why do you THINK they called it Google?”

    Draft A Female/Nott for President!
    A female #1, and Nott #2
    (for male voters)

    Everyone is invited to the party,
    the programmer is Nott!
    We’re Nott Libertarians!

    See the ad “Draft Nott/A Female for Prez/VP in 2012?, a coalition for Libertarian Party females on the USA Parliament’s web page;

    Go Free Soil Party,

    Free Ireland!

    In Coalition with;
    MP Don Grundmann [Constitution] for US Senate in 2012, PLUS at least one US Senate Candidate in every state/super-state state.

    Get the Swing vote in 2012!
    MP Gary Swing [Green] for Senate in CO!

    MP Don Grundmann [Constitution] for US Senate in 2012!

    * * *
    GoNott our ad for 2014;

  15. fred stein

    I may consider running for the Libertarian nomination for President. I am active in the entertainment industry and have many contacts.
    My songs are the self contained stimulus/ freedom package. Hear them at my website
    http://www.fredsteinmusic .com . Be sure to listen to
    “Billionaire” and “A New Me”

  16. James C.

    Check out the Free State Project’s website:

    If we have any hope in saving the country from its ruinous debt, I see cutting spending the only option. Hopefully someone out there with power will come to their senses. Hopefully enough people will band together and set off a promising movement of freedom in New England!

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