Libertarian Party turns 39 today

Posted by Wes Benedict on the LP Blog, December 11, 2010

The Libertarian Party turns 39 today. We wish LP founder David Nolan were alive for this birthday.

Some Libertarian Party leadership has talked about the possibility of a major 40th birthday celebration next year in Washington, D.C. No plans have been made, but you might mark your calendar just in case.

You can find more on our Party’s history here:


7 thoughts on “Libertarian Party turns 39 today

  1. George Whitfield

    Congratulations to the Libertarian Party. It is needed more than ever and its best years are yet to come!

  2. AroundtheblockAFT

    A bit off thread, but there are rumors of a Nolan memorial service in Tucson in January. Does anyone have anything concrete on this?

  3. Sebastian Knowlton

    Let’s hope it isn’t the final birthday for the party. Out here in L.A., our local paper has an article in each issue now entitled “we’re not dead yet”. Not exactly words of inspiration or confidence.

  4. JT

    Why would you think this year might be the final birthday for the party? I don’t know of any evidence that the party is on the brink of total collapse.

  5. Paulie

    Still sad about Nolan.

    As I said at the time, he lives on now through what we do with his legacy.

    Let’s hope 39 years from now a libertarian party will no longer even be needed.

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