Minnesota Republican Party punishes office holders who supported Independence Party nominee

from Ballot Access News
Minnesota Republican Party Bars Two Former Republican Governors from 2012 National Convention, Because They Supported Independence Party Gubernatorial Nominee

On December 5, the Minnesota Republican Party voted to ban 18 Republican office-holders or former office-holders from participating in any official party activities for the next two years.  This even includes a ban on their representing Minnesota Republicans at the 2012 national convention.  The 18 individuals had all endorsed the Independence Party gubernatorial nominee earlier this year.  On the list are two former Republican Governors (Arne Carlson and Al Quie) and one former Republican U.S. Senator (David Durenberger).  See this story.

7 thoughts on “Minnesota Republican Party punishes office holders who supported Independence Party nominee

  1. Catholic Trotskyist

    Under the USA Parliament project, these Republican Party officials could run with whatever party they desire. And they would have a chance of winning, without the evil concept of single-winner districts. I would be delighted for them to join the Catholic Trotskyist Party, but if they won’t change their opinions to the Catholic Trotskyist Party platform, they should join another party on USA Parliament or start their own


  2. Robert Milnes

    George, I’m surprised at you for missing this.
    If this was a LP rule, Barr would have been out in 2008 for soliciting RonPaul.
    Root would be out for supporting republican candidates.

  3. Gene Berkman

    The vote to sanction the 18 dissenting Republicans was 59 to 55.

    Many in the Minnesota Republican Party understand that enforcing party loyalty in this way will only drive independent minded voters away from future Republican campaigns.

    Sue Jeffers supported the resolution to discipline the 18 Republican independents. In 2002, she asked for and got the Libertarian nomination before dumping the LP and jumping into the Republican primary. 89% of Republican primary voters rejected her – a bigger rejection than the 18 dissident Republicans have received.

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