Monroe County, NY Green Party elects officers

With the Green Party ballot-qualified statewide and the county party in the process of deciding a mayoral candidate, the Green Party of Monroe County, New York has elected new officers:

Vinessa Buckland and Scott Brant are co-chairs.

Buckland is a recent State University College at Brockport graduate and is on the board of the Genesee Valley Civil Liberties Union. She has been active in gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender causes.

Brant is active in animal rights and environmental causes and is director of business development for, an organic retailer.

3 thoughts on “Monroe County, NY Green Party elects officers

  1. Brian G.

    I’m glad to see the Greens are getting right to work taking advantage of their ballot access. I hope they put up hundreds of candidates in the local elections next year in New York State.

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