New San Francisco City Supervisor has strong ties to the Green Party

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

[Jane] Kim helped organize the now defunct San Francisco People’s Organization, a coalition of more than three dozen left-leaning groups that emerged as an offshoot of then-Supervisor Matt Gonzalez’s unsuccessful run for mayor in 2003. She lost her first race for school board in 2004. She ran again two years later and finished first.

Like Gonzalez, Kim was a member of the Green Party. She registered as a Democrat after Barack Obama was elected president.

She is a close ally of Board of Supervisors President David Chiu, a former roommate who is deft at straddling the board’s left and centrist flanks.

“I think you’ll see Jane as a supervisor who will bridge divides,” Chiu said.

Kim did not get the heavyweight endorsements of the left-leaning Bay Guardian nor the Democratic County Central Committee, which backed Debra Walker in the District Six race. Supervisor Chris Daly, who is termed out as District Six supervisor after serving as a torch-bearer for the left during his decade in office, didn’t endorse Kim either.

Still, she built a winning campaign on her years as a community organizer, harnessing hundreds of volunteers and reaching the district’s different constituencies with multilingual campaign materials and events tailored to various ethnic communities.

She was at ease in diverse settings and courted the broad spectrum of the district’s residents, from the moneyed condo owners in South Beach to the single-room occupancy hotel tenants in the Tenderloin. She promises to have an open door to all her constituents.

“One advantage that I have,” Kim said, “is that I get to come into office fairly independent.”

3 thoughts on “New San Francisco City Supervisor has strong ties to the Green Party

  1. Michael Cavlan RN

    She registered as a Democrat AFTER Oily-Bomber became Prez?

    What a great endorsment of a former Green.

    Remember Matt Gonzalez? He left the GP for a very different reason.


  2. Opeach Obama, I mean, is this the best we can do? [Lake]

    Another FYI from Phil [Sawyer]. (I have just written out a check for $25.00 to Jan Tucker for [California] State Senate ……….

    I hope that everyone who receives this message makes a contribution also, if you can afford to do so.

    It is now the time to remind the two-party oligarchy that we are very, very serious!)

    Philippe L. Sawyer, Member:
    Sacramento County Central Committee,
    Peace and Freedom Party of California

    “The truth is out there.”

    From: Irv Sutley

    Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2010

    Filing Fee Litigation and Proposition 14

    suggest that if you can send any money at this time, that it be directed to: Jan Tucker , P.O. Box 433 , Torrance , CA 90508-0433 .

    I am sending this email to Jan also so he can clarify the contact information.

    If you need to speak to him directly, email him for his phone number.

    Jan needs to raise just under $400 in order to pay the fee to get the case into Los Angeles Superior Court.

    There are of course additional expenses which he will have to incur.

    [It] is up to … us as party registrants or as third party advocates generally to try and help fund this grassroots effort.

    Perhaps you could also contact your own supporters and fellow activists and urge them to support this effort.

    [This message was edited for the purposes of clarity and privacy – PLS.] Glad to hear from you.

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