Newsweek story features Green Party women leaders: Renate Künast, Wangari Maathai, and Elizabeth May

Thanks to Green Party Watch for the tip. At GPW, there are excerpts about the three, green women mentioned in the story.

At Newsweek, there is a story with title and tag-lines: “Empowering Women and Saving the Environment. Mothering the Earth. Grassroots activists are showing women how to clean up the environment while empowering themselves.”

The story has interviews with the following Green Party leaders:  Renate Künast who is a member of the German Green Party and a high-profile German politician; Kenya’s Wangari Maathai who is a co-founder of the Green Belt Movement and 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner; and, Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada.

12 thoughts on “Newsweek story features Green Party women leaders: Renate Künast, Wangari Maathai, and Elizabeth May

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  2. Carey Campbell

    Margarete Bause Bavarian Legislature Green Chair in Carey Campbells Green Party Minute.MPG

    Margarete is Chair of Green faction in Bavarian State legislature. Greens are in a wonderful growing green popularity. In Bavaria we have the chance to replace the CSU in the state government. They have been in power sixty years. They are looking back. Greens are looking ahead. We want a world open, a green, a ecological, a culturally open Bavaria, ready for the necessary cultural changes. Necessary changes in society. We want a Bavaria with 100 per cent renewable energy and we’re working on this…

  3. Carey Campbell

    Daniela Schneckenburger, Member State Legislature NRW in Carey Campbell’s Green Party Minute.MPG

    Daniela Schneckenburger, Member State Legislature NRW. Frau Schneckenburger was state Chair of the Greens in NRW. Vice Chair in Green Faction of state legislature. Important for Greens is to keep good cooperation to make progress in Energy, Education, and keep Green Politics strong. Working with other factions to bring new training laws, renovation. You see our success in the good opinion polls and our ability to work with all the other factions. For Greens it’s going forward. For Greens it’s going up.

  4. Carey Campbell

    Sylvia Loehrmann, Lt. Governor NRW Carey Campbell’s Green Party Minute.MPG

    This interview is in English.

    Carey Campbell’s Green Party minute with Lt. Governor Sylvia Loehrmann, of NRW at the Green Party convention in Freiburg, Germany November 19 to 21.
    The Green Party’s Loehrmann led Greens to state election victory this year in NRW, Germany’s most populated state. Main focus of the Green campaign was improving education, and giving local governments and citizens more say in decisions effecting their taxes, schools, and policy…

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