Libertarians: “Tea Party betrayed by tiny Republican budget cuts”

WASHINGTON – According to The Hill, House Republicans have just announced that they will seek appropriations for the rest of 2011 that are $32 billion below current spending levels.

LP Chair Mark Hinkle commented, “The Tea Party supporters have been betrayed. These cuts are so small, you need a microscope to find them.”

Hinkle continued, “The Congressional Budget Office just told us that federal spending was expected to be about $3.7 trillion this year. After the Republican cuts, it will still be about $3.7 trillion. The Republican cuts are so tiny, they disappear in the rounding error.

“Even with these cuts, the federal deficit will be over $1.4 trillion this year.

“It doesn’t help that Congressional Republicans voted for more unemployment spending and ethanol subsidies last December, or that they want to keep increasing military spending. And they haven’t come up with any serious cuts to entitlements.

“I think the Tea Party supporters were expecting real cuts, not this nonsense. We tried to warn Tea Party supporters last year that the Republicans were just trying to fool them again. It looks like we were right.

“Oh, I’m sure we’ll hear Republicans say they’re just getting started, and more cuts are coming…just not yet. But I hope the Tea Party supporters and other fiscal conservatives wake up and smell the deficits. Our children are going to drown in debt, and the Republicans aren’t going to save them. Republicans are part of the problem, not the solution.

“Tea Party supporters and other fiscal conservatives should support Libertarians, not Republicans. Libertarians would make dramatic cuts in spending, and if angry Republicans and Democrats threatened to shut down the government instead, Libertarians would say ‘Fine.'”

For more information, or to arrange an interview, call LP Executive Director Wes Benedict at 202-333-0008 ext. 222.

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14 thoughts on “Libertarians: “Tea Party betrayed by tiny Republican budget cuts”

  1. Libertarians for Duvalier-Mubarak 2012

    Duvalier-Mubarak have proven their ability to cut, slash, dice and make mince meat out of what ever gets in their way. As the Libertarian candidates for President and Vice President in 2012, they can credibly promises to waterboard, electrocute, and beat the crap out of that budget until it cries uncle! They will make entire programs disappear, never to be heard from again! And who knows how to sock away money better than Jean-Claude Duvalier!?

  2. NewFederalist

    “And who knows how to sock away money better than Jean-Claude Duvalier!?”

    Dick Cheney?

  3. NewFederalist

    I would say that is a very conservative cut. I think they should cut far more liberally!

  4. paulie

    I’m not convinced it qualifies as a cut at all. More like a trim. If that.

    And that is before it has gone through House-Senate reconciliation.

  5. Alan Pyeatt

    FWIW, I think Mark Hinkle has significantly improved the LNC since he took office as Chair. Still lots of room for improvement, but he seems to be a large part of the solution.

  6. paulie

    When he talks about foreign aid, though, it’s not obvious why he wants to zero it out yet not zero out other programs.

    The whole things is kind of odd. Why smaller cuts in the TSA, of all things, than many other departments and programs? And why the tiny cuts in the military, relatively speaking? The US spends as much on the military as the rest of the world put together…surely there’s room for more substantial cuts there.

  7. Robert Capozzi

    p12, I think the point of Rand’s exercise is to present a within-the-realm-of-possibility budget proposal that positions him as the leader of the Tea Party notion that far more robust cuts are necessary. If his top-line number was much bigger, and cut more ripe for cutting line items, he would be positioned as a wacko. Instead, he’s positioned on the edge.

    The specifics of his plan don’t matter, although I too would likely cut TSA and military at least as much as discretionary spending. But Rand’s is not a granular exercise.

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