Libertarian Party:”War on Drugs leads to gun smuggling nightmare”

WASHINGTON – According to CBS, the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has been involved in undercover operations to smuggle high-powered weapons into Mexico, probably as some sort of tracking operation. Now many of those weapons are in the hands of ruthless drug traffickers, which they are using to intimidate and kill people.

Libertarian Party chair Mark Hinkle issued this statement today:

“This is another sad chapter in the long story of the terribly destructive War on Drugs. Now our own government is apparently involved in smuggling weapons to drug lords in Mexico. This story is as bizarre as it is depressing.

“The War on Drugs has caused far more death and destruction than it has prevented. The War on Drugs is a failure in almost every measurable way. The War on Drugs should end.

Full release from The Libertarian Party @

9 thoughts on “Libertarian Party:”War on Drugs leads to gun smuggling nightmare”

  1. paulie

    This is where a congressional investigation is needed. People in management at the agency need to have their jobs on the line over this stupidity.

    True, but, as the release points out, the real problem is the drug war that causes this and much more.

  2. FKC

    It’s time to declare victory and bring the troops home in the war on drugs, just as it is in the wars overseas.

  3. Mashed Potato with a Twist

    Final paragraph of the release

    “We Libertarians call for an end to the War on Drugs: an end to federal prohibition of the possession and sale of narcotics. Would that lead to increased drug abuse? It’s hard to know — probably not much — but nothing could be worse than the death and destruction our government has unleashed with its War on Drugs.”

    No it wouldn’t. See alcohol prohibition for example.

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