Chris Rickert: A good time to consider third-party alternatives


Ben Manski, the Green Party candidate who lost his bid for a West Side Madison Assembly seat to Democrat Brett Hulsey last year, has great ideas for opening up the political system and correctly identifies the existing redistricting process as “an incumbency protection racket.”

But on the collective bargaining issue, Democrats are on his side, and the current conflict should not be about “building any party at the expense of progress,” he said.

Likewise, Nate Friedl, an organizer of the Fort Atkinson-based tea party group Rock River Patriots, said members “very much support the governor.” Tea partiers are not looking to spawn a new party anyway, he said, but to influence the direction of an existing one. To the extent that his group can help defeat Republicans too closely tied to corporate interests in the future, for example, it will, he said.

But that’s the problem when the Republican and Democrat parties go to war. It’s not until later that you realize it didn’t really matter who won — because we all got beat.

4 thoughts on “Chris Rickert: A good time to consider third-party alternatives

  1. Brian

    So they support Walker but want to defeat Republicans that are too close to corporate interests? Why do I not believe them?

  2. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement


    clueless chief exec instructs [Lake: insults!] the masses

    E. Thomas McClanahan

    E. Thomas McClanahan

    In an amazing gift to Republicans, President Obama told a man at a town meeting that if he’s worried about fuel prices he should trade in his vehicle for a better one.

    It was an arrogant, stupid thing to say and it reminds me of the Steve Martin gag on how to get a million dollars tax-free. “First, you get a million dollars …”

    Read more:

  3. Sean Scallon

    Luckily I have a solution – non-partisan elections for the state legislature and county elected offices which passed the Pepin County board a couple of months ago and hopefully taken up at the Wisconsin Counties’ Association Convention this fall. After the past months I’m hopeful people in Wisconsin are willing to consider my proposals.

    Ben Manski might well have won a seat in the state legislature if the election was non-partisan.

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