Could Ralph Nader’s novel become reality?

From CounterPunch (read the whole thing here):

On the evening of May 4, a day before he was to join dozens of billionaires convened by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates in Phoenix, Arizona to discuss how they might spend over half their wealth for “good works,” media entrepreneur, peace advocate and environmentalist, Ted Turner joined another billionaire, Peter B. Lewis (chairman of Progressive Insurance) and me at the New York Public Library to discuss a similar topic. C-SPAN covered the event.

The event was titled “Billionaires Against Bull, Going from Charity to Justice.” It was a far-ranging exchange before an audience as civically committed as some of the notables who were there, including Lewis Lapham of Lapham’s Quarterly, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, Victor Navasky (Columbia Journalism School), Patti Smith (singer, poet and author), Mark Green (author of Losing Our Democracy), and Eugene Jarecki, (documentary film maker (“Why We Fight) and author of The American Way of War.

The launching point for our discourse was my work of political fiction “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!” Turner and Lewis were two of seventeen real, very rich persons, led by Warren Buffett, who in fictional roles decided to put their money, contacts and facilities behind a mass mobilization of the people to effect long-overdue redirections.

What are the chances of a small number of many mega-rich putting ample resources behind basic changes that benefit people but upset vested interests? Issues such as a living wage, Medicare for all, and cracking down on corporate crime were part of the agenda for the Meliorists featured in my book. The difference between justice and charity is taking on power to benefit people.

2 thoughts on “Could Ralph Nader’s novel become reality?

  1. Michael Cavlan RN

    Not a chance in hell of that happening.

    Which means that Ralph Nader has done a spectacular job of exposing all these rich liberals (by name even) for what they really are.

    Now, we got to get to work folks.

  2. D. Lou Shenol

    Secret Billionaires Club – Planning the future of the world:

    Bill Gates reveals the agenda “AGENDA 21”: <minute

    Bill Gates Admits To His Population Control Programs: <minute

    The super rich aren't about helping the little guys and girls. In fact they are about lowering the population to under half a billion within forty years.

    This is how they will KILL us!:

    New World Order Globalists Plan to Kill 90% of the Worlds Population:

    The final minute roughly of this vid is scary stuff!
    Zbigniew Brzezinski on your future:

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