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Killing Osama: Sunday’s Root Press Release

Killing Osama

LNCC Chair Wayne Root on Killing Osama bin Laden

I want to congratulate the Navy Seal Team that tracked down and killed Osama bin Laden. I feel blessed for their courage.

Congratulations are due for all American military and intelligence on their RELENTLESS decade long battle to bring Osama bin Laden to justice.

Tonight there is no politics, or partisan divide. This was a victory for America and all Americans.

God Bless America and our brave fighting men and women. This is their victory.

I am so proud to know these brave men and women are protecting our country and my children as we go to sleep tonight.


Wayne Allyn Root

Chair Libertarian National Congressional Committee

LNC Member

Former Libertarian Party Vice Presidential Nominee

Author, “The Conscience of a Libertarian

About Post Author

Bruce Cohen

Real Estate, Bicycles, Espresso, Coffee, Chocolate, Jewelry, Tomatoes, Politics, Israel


  1. LibertarianGirl LibertarianGirl May 6, 2011

    if we take back our party I can promise you this , it will be a de ja vu of 2008 when we shut him out entirely

  2. Melty Melty May 6, 2011

    wow… if LibertarianGirl’s had it with Root, he must’ve gone too far

  3. LibertarianGirl LibertarianGirl May 6, 2011

    Wayne Root , Im coming for you , your a travesty to liberty in NV for revoking 3 affiliates , if you think that will gaurantee you delegate positions for Nat Con , you better bring it , cause I am. Its my wish that we hand you your ass in a most embarrassing way like in 08 but even if you get the LPNevada were all gonna get added on in other states. You just couldnt leave well enuf alone could you? and Ive defended you , im so ashamed I ever did.

  4. LibertarianGirl LibertarianGirl May 4, 2011

    I hated Waynes statement , I like alot of what he says but this I hated. UGH!

  5. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt May 4, 2011

    You might want to read the whole thread when you have time, paulie.

  6. paulie paulie May 4, 2011

    Note that Paulie posts as many or more Wayne Root articles as I do.

    Do you go after Paulie for them?

    It’s a personality issue.

    Ron Paul can be for closed borders and tough immigration controls and it’s ok.

    If you are on the buddy list of the ‘radicals’ they create exceptions for you, but if your name is Cohen or Root, look the heck out.

    Notice who gets demonized.
    All Libertarian Jews.

    Haven’t read this conversation, but since I’m mentioned:

    I’m of about 80% Jewish descent, so if anyone is out there demonizing Jews please feel free to add me to your list. On the other hand if it is a legitimate difference on foreign policy that is at issue, it is no secret that I believe that both Israel and America would actually be better off with a neutral/non-interventionist US foreign policy in the middle east and elsewhere. ABTW, several friends and family who have lived in Israel (and in some cases still do) agree with me on this.

  7. Art Olivier Art Olivier May 4, 2011

    Libertarians should not congratulate American soldiers in a foreign country for killing an unarmed man that had not been convicted of anything.

    This was not a victory for Americans that still believe in the rule of law.

  8. Darryl W. Perry Darryl W. Perry May 3, 2011

    Root says Osama bin Laden (was brought) to justice.

    “Justice” would imply being found guilty in a court or before a tribunal of some sort. Also, it’s interesting that the FBI doesn’t list 9/11 as a reason for why Osama was “wanted”…

    That being said: can the troops come home now?

  9. Root Likes Bruce Cohen Root Likes Bruce Cohen May 3, 2011

    @ 23: “it’s a shame Cohen has insinuated himself into the Root campaign.”

    I’ve not read Root’s book, but I understand that Root included Bruce Cohen — and Eric Dondero — in the acknowledgments page of his book, thanking them for their advice, assistance, support, friendship, etc. (I don’t know the exact words.)

    How do I know this, if I haven’t read Root’s book.

    Because on IPR, both Cohen and Dondero bragged about Root thanking them in his book.

    I suppose it’s possible that Cohen and Dondero were lying.

    It’s also possible that Root was lying; effusively thanking a laundry list of people he barely knows, because he thought it’d buy him their support within the LP.

  10. Tom Blanton Tom Blanton May 3, 2011

    Israel does regularly commit atrocities against Arabs. Lots of Jews who actually live in Israel complain about this regularly in Haaretz and other English language publications.

    I think I know more libertarians who didn’t vote for Barr/Root than those that did. It was the first time since I could vote that I didn’t vote for the LP candidate for president. I chose to not vote at all. The message to the LP should be that if you want libertarians to vote for LP candidates, nominate real libertarians – not libertarian leaning conservatives or people that are sort of like libertarians on some issues.

    The LP, along with all the other political cults, have soured me so much against electoral politics that I will probably never vote again. The state has no legitimacy that citizens do not give it by voting.

    Besides, who even wants to be associated with people like Root or Bruce Cohen, for that matter.

  11. Bruce Cohen Bruce Cohen Post author | May 3, 2011

    Jake Witmer @23

    When did I viciously slander you?

    All I did was get uptight when you said Israel regularly commits atrocities against Arabs.

    And it was a private conversation.

    AIPAC plant?
    So, now I’m not a CIA plant or a Republican plant?

    With all these plants and double-agent theories, I must be a very highly paid diplomat!

  12. Bruce Cohen Bruce Cohen Post author | May 3, 2011


    I don’t work for Wayne Root.
    There is no Campaign Team or plans to start one.

    What I say reflects my own opinions and not Wayne’s.

    I rarely discuss Israel and do not support Foreign Aid at all.

    Those are lies.

    And funny ones, at that!

    Note that Paulie posts as many or more Wayne Root articles as I do.

    Do you go after Paulie for them?

    It’s a personality issue.

    Ron Paul can be for closed borders and tough immigration controls and it’s ok.

    If you are on the buddy list of the ‘radicals’ they create exceptions for you, but if your name is Cohen or Root, look the heck out.

    Notice who gets demonized.
    All Libertarian Jews.

  13. JT JT May 3, 2011

    Not that it will change anything, Bruce, but to a California outsider like me, you’re coming off like a lunatic here.

    Eric: “In my opinion, people in suits don’t do much real work despite whatever compensation they may claim in their endeavors.”

    LOL! First, how’s that relevant? Second, you don’t know any very productive businessmen or businesswomen who wear suits to work? I know a lot of them, including many in my family.

    Eric: “Anytime I have to put on a suit is usually unproductive yappn of some sort.”

    I think that says more about you than the suit.

  14. Michael H. Wilson Michael H. Wilson May 3, 2011

    Wayne writes: “I am so proud to know these brave men and women are protecting our country and my children as we go to sleep tonight.”

    It might help to remember that during the administration of George W. Bush warnings were given to him during July and August of 2001 that an event was possible. He and his crew did little, or nothing to stop them and no one has seen fit to hold him accountable for his negligence.

    Training is all well and good. How management deploys that training is something else.

  15. Gains Gains May 3, 2011

    SRL @25:

    LOL Well it got me and despite the lack of endorsement of MLK; for myself, the sentiment stands.

  16. Melty Melty May 3, 2011

    Wayne Root is yet again an embarrassment.

  17. Melty Melty May 3, 2011

    some relentless. .. the last search party officially quit in 2005. … .check with Michael Scheuer.

  18. Robert Capozzi Robert Capozzi May 3, 2011

    Coupla thoughts:

    * Calling killing a person — even OBL — bringing him to “justice” is offensive. It may have been necessary, but justice is a higher bar for me.

    * Praising those who did the act seems reasonable.

    * That it took nearly 10 years seems ridiculous. With the amount of money spent in this effort, the “returns” seem to not be there.

    * Now is the time to get the heck out of there…call it “mission accomplished” if the USG needs to save face.

  19. Eric Sundwall Eric Sundwall May 3, 2011

    In my opinion, people in suits don’t do much real work despite whatever compensation they may claim in their endeavors.

    Anytime I have to put on a suit is usually unproductive yappn of some sort.

  20. A Casual Observer A Casual Observer May 3, 2011

    First of all: it’s a shame Cohen has insinuated himself into the Root campaign. Root’s a solid libertarian, even if he’s more of the variety like R. J. Rummel at the University of Hawaii, or Vin Suprynowicz at the Las Vegas Review Journal. There’s enough room in the libertarian movement for this type of libertarian, even if I don’t agree with their foreign policy beliefs.

    The reason why Cohen shouldn’t be involved with the Root campaign is because he’s a venomous, nasty person who is not above slander, lies, distortions, and personal attacks. Not only is he not above such attacks, he follows the Dondero school of thought: total lies against anyone whom he does not like. Since open fora on the internet empower him to sling lies far and wide, he simply knocks himself out.

    Also, he has no compunction against personal attack and “behind the scenes” agitation. In short, Cohen is an agent provacateur within the LP. He is 100% untrustworthy and toxic to any advancement of individual freedom.

    If you don’t favor placing the defense of Israel above all other issues, then Cohen will viciously and publicly slander you. He always attempts this. If he befriends you, it is only to shape your opinions in support of Israel. Numerous people can attest to this.

    Think about how strange this is: why be involved in a generally non-interventionist movement solely for the purpose of making it interventionist with respect to one foreign entity? Is Cohen a paid shill for the AIPAC? In my opinion, this is likely.

    Regardless, it’s hard for me to believe he is still taken seriously by anyone.

  21. Gains Gains May 3, 2011

    “I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not celebrate the death of one, not even an enemy.”
    – Martin Luther King Jr.

  22. Kimberly Wilder Kimberly Wilder May 3, 2011

    Re: What the government thinks about you, Wayne Root, and your rights…

    Remember this?

    Missouri State Troopers now profiling and targetting Libertarians as suspected violent Militia / Written by ericdondero on Mar-15-09

    And, another article here:

    * * *

    And, as for environmentalists…

    There was a huge government operation circa 2001 for the government to spy on any environmental or animal rights people. It is one reason why I was quickly arrested (and later exonerated) for playing my flute to a tree. And, why my Sunday morning tree ritual incident earned me a transmission from the Amityville Police to the FBI.

    In another, fabulous, government procedure… I attended the trial of a peaceful, environmental colleague, set up for an arson trial (he was exonerated), and me and my friends watched government footage of various of our peaceful parades and demonstrations. Look! There is Jennifer in her pretty yellow sundress, strolling down the street with her young son holding her hand, in video being played back several years later in the trial of an environmental colleague, to prove that he had a history of activism, and he was a leader, because he climbed to the top of the jungle gym the fastest.

    Wayne, people like us have every reason to ask that the corrupt, greedy, violent, US government comply with the law, use proper procedures with suspects, and are pressured into some measure of accounting for their actions.

    (Darned! Another entry in my FBI file.)

  23. Kimberly Wilder Kimberly Wilder May 3, 2011

    To Wayne Allen Root:

    Sucker! Your next.

    You should know better than to condone extra-judicial killings.

    Way up on the list of enemies whom our government might set up and apply this method to our:

    Environmentalists, Whistle-Blowers of any kind, Animal Rights activists, Peace activists, Civil Libertarians who have too much success.

    Can’t believe you are adding fuel to such a nasty fire.

  24. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt May 3, 2011

    Bruce @ 17:”I’ve said no lies about anyone or anything.”

    We just caught you in a lie. My God, you really don’t get it.

    Seriously, you really have lost it. Really. Your behavior isn’t normal or healthy. I’m a compassionate person, and I can clearly see you’re sick.

    I’m not teasing you, or making fun of you. You are truly not well, Bruce.

    Does anyone out there have any ability to help Bruce? Get him some intervention, or something?

  25. Bruce Cohen Bruce Cohen Post author | May 3, 2011

    A comment for Jill the Censor, the anti-First Amendment Commie/Left/Socialist Libertarian:

    “I’ll ask that your lies be removed.” – Jill Pyatt

    Well, last time I had my art department put up things teasing you about some silly or weird stuff you said or did.

    But you say those are ‘lies that need to be removed’?

    It’s like Bruce Dovner wanting to be the Dictator of the world and force people to be Libertarian… According to him.

    I’ve said no lies about anyone or anything. Not about you, or Meester Takenaga and his quisling buddy for years, Matthew Barnes or the rest of you well groomed and well mannered, honest and honorable people…

    And did I forget to mention, “PRODUCTIVE”?


    I’m descending into madness as I fundraise for more Candidates, but secretly so you don’t punish them. LOL

    You guys.
    Good job getting Steve Kubby elected.
    How hard could that have been?

  26. Bruce Cohen Bruce Cohen Post author | May 3, 2011

    Chelene seems to be ok, I haven’t heard from her for about a week.

    Mark Seidenberg, her arch-enemy, some State and County AIP Officer called me today, about some lawsuit against Obama with Alan Keyes…

    As far as ‘doing things’, let’s hear from you what you have been doing.

    Personally, I like to help Candidates privately, because every time Kevin or one of your pals finds out that I helped someone, they get disowned by the Chairman of the LPCA.

    I’m so sorry that your King Emperor is so easily miffed by an ‘opponent’, but why don’t you and he just go off on your merry way.

    Certainly, I can’t possibly be holding back Kevin and Jill’s Merry Band of California Libertarians, now can I?

    Please go frolic in the fields of voters across the great land of California and bring back many Libertarians.

    I’m not stopping you.

    Go on.
    Off with you kiddies and go recruit.
    And register.
    And fundraise.

    My teasing you on IPR should not a person or a penny handicap you.

    Get to work, you whiney baby.

  27. Erik G. Erik G. May 3, 2011


  28. Erik G. Erik G. May 3, 2011

    More inaccuracies from Mr. Cohen. He acts as though no enemy of war has every been caught and tried before. Sad.

  29. Erik G. Erik G. May 3, 2011

    Furthermore, the attack on Mr. Sipos is completely unwarranted and *loaded* with logical fallacies.

    Mr. Cohen’s sad attempt to blame the Obama presidency on so-called ‘left-leaning’ libertarians is childish and pathetic to watch.

  30. Bruce Cohen Bruce Cohen Post author | May 3, 2011

    Pamela Brown, one of the hardest working and highest vote-total getting LPCA Candidates echoed the ‘due process’ concept today in a short piece she wrote on the California LP Candidate’s Yahoo group.

    I question whether a capture would have been possible in this case.

    I also question whether due process is even possible, or if Mister Bin Laden was even entitled.

    When you are at war with an enemy, it’s not like you can serve him with a subpoena and go into binding arbitration or something.

    What should Obama have done? Sprinkled magic sleeping powder over the compound and whisked Osama away on a magic blanket?

  31. Erik G. Erik G. May 3, 2011

    Wayne’s faux-macho nationalism is really quite disturbing on a number of levels. Not only is the celebration of death quite unsettling (even of one’s enemies), but this “I feel blessed for their courage” nonsense has got to go.

    If the foundation of libertarianism isn’t opposition to war and the promotion of non-violence (via the non-aggression principle), then I don’t want to be associated with the term or the movement in any way.

  32. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt May 3, 2011

    You bet, Bruce, when you continue to say things you know are false, I’ll ask that your lies be removed. You can count on that.

    Do you not get that no one seems to be on your side? Maybe Wayne or Aaron should visit this site once in a while and tell us what you’re doing for the party, because, honestly, I can’t
    think of anything positive you’ve done for the LP for months.

    How is Chelene Nightingale, by the way? Heard from her lately?

  33. Bruce Cohen Bruce Cohen Post author | May 3, 2011

    PS Again, my enthusiastic comment was in fact, not accurate as to saying whom Mister Sipos actually claims to have voted for. I do know he did not vote for the Libertarian Candidate because he was ‘pro-war’ or some other foaming at the mouth balderdash.

    I stand corrected that Thomas Sipos didnt’ vote for Bob Barr and Wayne Root and I correct myself to him having actually not having voted for Bob Barr and Wayne Root on the Libertarian Ticket, but instead voted for a non-Libertarian Candidate who’s votes might not have even counted.

    But certainly Tommy voted against the Libertarian.

    And certainly he was wearing khaki or tan safari shorts with cargo pockets in 100 places and zippers to nowhere when he voted against the Libertarian and against the Libertarian Presidential Candidate Bob Barr and the Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate, Wayne Root and against the Libertarian Party ticket, in favor of a (gasp) Republican (who I personally think is a great guy and have volunteered and done paid work for in the past few years, both.).

    OK, so you voted for a Republican that most likely would have ordered the same hit on Obama??, but let’s see what Ron Paul has said.

    I didn’t check it out, but let’s all GoodSearch [“Ron Paul” Osama bin Laden death] and see what we find, shall we?

  34. Bruce Cohen Bruce Cohen Post author | May 3, 2011

    Yeah OK, it’s true, I got it wrong, but somehow in the back of my diagnosed (by Jill the productive) brain disorder, I seem to somehow remember Tommy the Vampire Editor saying something about Obama being better, or anti-war or whatever.

    My bigger point is still there, that the ‘anti-war’ Code Pink Libertarians are really hypocrites, just like Obama.

    I’ve heard Thomas spout off about this before, even on stage.

    In fact, the two of us went toe to toe on the subject after an anti-war play in Los Angeles, and despite his labeling me as ‘pro-war’, the audience gave me a far better reception.

    The truth is, Jill and Tom need a scapegoat to blame the failure of the LP on.

    And it’s just not because of my position on what to do with Saddaam Hussein or the Taliban.

    It’s just that they need someone to hate and I’m the most different from them, so awesome, let’s go after anyone in a suit who isn’t Ron Paul.

    On Jill’s terms?

    Yeah whatever, she’ll just ask that my comments get taken down again.

  35. kitsune-san kitsune-san May 3, 2011

    The world upside-down
    Insanity, chaos rules
    Spring weeps Wintry tears.

    Hot desert tempers
    Reality slips past
    Summer melts the brain?

  36. Some people like Root and Cohen just don't get it Some people like Root and Cohen just don't get it May 3, 2011

    Would someone please explain why we should celebrate state-sanctioned executions of wanted criminals in advance of due process of law, the FOUNDATION of our American system of Justice?

    Oh, wait a minute, there’s that common sense breaking out again…

  37. Wayne Allyn Root Is a Jealous Sleaze Wayne Allyn Root Is a Jealous Sleaze May 3, 2011

    Root: “I want to congratulate the Navy Seal Team … Congratulations are due for all American military and intelligence … Tonight there is no politics, or partisan divide.”

    Root just can’t bring himself to extend even a little of that congratulations to his far more successful classmate, President Barak Obama.

    It’s normal to congratulate a sitting Chief Executive for success achieved under his watch, even if one doesn’t always agree with all of that Chief Executive’s policies.

    But Root is just TOO PARTISAN to do so.

    TOO JEALOUS of his far more successful classmate.

  38. Bruce Cohen Is a Liar Bruce Cohen Is a Liar May 3, 2011

    Bruce Cohen: ” ‘Fuzzy’ liberhooligan peacenik guy was pretty open about voting for Obama…”

    Pretty open? Then you’d have no trouble citing an article or blog post.

    DO SO. Put up or apologize.

    I wrote (repeatedly and often) on IPR, Libertarian Peacenik, and in California Freedom, that I cast a write-in vote for Ron Paul.

    You, Bruce Cohen, made your above accusation before on IPR, and were called on it, by none other than Brian Holtz (not one of my bigger fans), who remembered me saying in CF that I voted for Ron Paul.

    So you, Bruce Cohen, know I have only ever been “pretty open” about voting for Ron Paul.

    Which means your continuing accusation is a lie, not an error.

    — T. Sipos

  39. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt May 2, 2011

    Bruce, what’s wrong with you? Why have you pulled an attack on Thomas Sipos out of your ass?

    Is this comment furthering the cause of liberty? Is it endearing you, or Mr Root, to others?

    Posting the article was fine. We could have all discussed it, including you. But why must you sit alone in your house, and attack true activists? There really is enough room in the party for different points of view. You’re truly the most hateful person I’ve run across in my entire 55 years of living.

    Seriously, I think you should consider that you have slipped into madness. Do you see a mental health professional? If you haven’t yet, I suggest you do.

    Now go right ahead and call me names, and tell people anything you feel like making up about me. I don’t care, because my activism speaks for itself. You seriously are out of control, Bruce.

  40. Bruce Cohen Bruce Cohen Post author | May 2, 2011

    I get a real kick out of how many Libertarians, libertarians and ‘Libertarians’ voted for Obama.

    ‘Fuzzy’ liberhooligan peacenik guy was pretty open about voting for Obama because he was more ‘anti-war’ than, let’s say, Wayne Root, for example?

    But here you have an anti-military President, who, as a Member of the US Senate pretty much voted against funding anything military or intelligence related… Now gloating over ‘his’ accomplishment.

    We hear of a tense and agonizing Presidential war room, with a wave of ‘we got him’ relief granted by Obama to his cabinet buddies hanging out with him watching the ‘game’ and having a few brews.

    My guess is that Sean Hannity and Wayne Root weren’t in the crowd, Obama being too embarrassed he didn’t have their favorite beer and munchies to watch the show on the White House TV with them.

    Otherwise, for sure he would have invited not only Wayne and Sean, but John McCain and a whole bunch of guys to see how the game turned out.

    But that Obama, despite Fuzzy Peacenik (FP)’s endorsement of Obama, appears to be just as bloodthirsty as the worst of people on Tommy Sipos’ enemies and ‘pro-war’ list.

    Oh well, Mister Thomas.

    I guess your vote for Obama was wasted just as I said it was, but now the proof is in your face.

    The fuzz man could have voted for the pro-freedom candidate. And all the rest of the weirdotarians that voted against the Root Barr ticket…

    Smart move.

    I vote for Badnarik even though we disagreed on a few things, including foreign policy.

    But vote for Wayne Allyn Root?


    He’s obviously a baby killer.

    Come on, FP Tommy boy, let’s hear it from the peacenik, mister vampire writer and safari fashion statement boy.

    Do you stand by voting against Wayne and Bob still?

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