Winona LaDuke comments on military’s use of ‘Geronimo,’ publishes book titled ‘The Militarization of Indian Country’

Former Green Party vice presidential candidate and Native American activist Winona LaDuke recently appeared on Democracy Now! to comment on the military’s use of the codename ‘Geronimo,’ a famous Native American leader, for Osama bin Laden.  She has also written a book, The Militarization of Indian Country.

An article on the Huffington Post covers both subjects very well, and you can watch the Democracy Now! interview here.

9 thoughts on “Winona LaDuke comments on military’s use of ‘Geronimo,’ publishes book titled ‘The Militarization of Indian Country’

  1. Starchild

    I applaud Winona LaDuke for helping expose this shameful history on the part of the U.S. government’s military, including up to the present in its egregious use of the name of an American Indian hero (Geronimo) as a code name for Osama bin Laden.

    I hope she is supporting the independent Lakota nation declared by American Indian activist and former Libertarian presidential contender Russell Means and other members of the tribe over the issue of the government’s failure to live up to the terms of its treaties with the Lakota (see ).

    She can also play a valuable role, if she chooses, in educating those on the left who see private corporations and free markets as more of a problem than government. It wasn’t corporations or the free market that used the island of Kaho’olawe as a bombing range or conducted irradiation experiments on indigenous peoples in the Arctic without their knowledge.

  2. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    Mountains out of mole hills, but Public Relations is where you find it.

    Short cuts can gain as much as the ‘long way ’round de barn.

    [a] 50 states passing proportional National Electoral Voting

    [b] Non states given Presidential one off zip codes / votes in regular states

    The Original Immigrants / Native Americans taking over South Lakota and putting up a semi autonomous sub entity.

  3. Michael Cavlan RN

    Well kiddies. Out here in Minnesot-ah, some of us have a slightly different take on Winona LaDuke.

    LaDuke was the Green Party Vice presidential candidate in 2000 and from Minnesot-ah.

    In 2004 she publicly supported John Kerry.

    In 2008 she publicly supported Barack Oily-Bomber.

    President Barack Oily-Bomber was kept up to date on the death of the “alleged” Geronimo.

    Winona “No Nukes” LaDuke supported Oily-Bomber, who also supports Nuclear power.

    IMHO Winona, sadly has lost the right to complain.

    Maybe the Minnesota Democrats squeezed the local Native American community. Perhaps they threatened them on their quest for sovereignty and re-acquiescing of their land, via the LaDuke initiated program, White Earth Land Recovery Project.

    Winona LaDuke will not run as Green anymore and will not talk to those who want to run campaigns.

    Oh and the Minnesot-ah Green Party is virtually dead. We are building real alternatives to them, as we speak.
    The drama called “As The Green Turd Turned” is just about over.

    For all of you Libertarians, please note.

    Watch out kiddies. It is my own personal opinion that the Wayne Root brigade will do the same to you, if you are not careful.

  4. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    [a] Minn est SNOW tah ?????????

    [b] Minnesot – ah Mosquitoes, famed for it’s FAA markings on the wing(s)

    [c] Minnesot – ah Summers: July 31st and August First

    [d] Minneso – ah: Ten Thousand Lakes, Ten Trillion Mosquitoes

    [e] Minneso – ah Winters: Ten months of cold followed by two months of horrible snow mobiling

    [f] Difference ‘tween Winona LaDuke and a Skunk: skid marks in front of the skunk!

  5. Michael Cavlan RN



    Oh and please Sir.

    Do not mistaken being too busy to respond to a request as being disrespect.

    If you e mail me on anything, I will respond. I may be late but sometimes I receive a lot of e mail requests.

    As an aside, an Irish summer is when it stops raining for two weeks. Usually in Late July.


  6. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    Irish German: a person, upon having a couple of drinks, wants to take over de world!

    You can always tell an Irish man ——- you just can’t tell em much!

    Fasting growing national capitol in EU? Erie’s main city, it is always Dublin!

    What’s with Norte Dame University? South Bend is English. The college name is French. And ‘Frighting Irish’, well that’s just the weirdest sports mascot around!

    School Moto ‘ Is this a private brawl or can any one join in?’

    How can an Irish man go from one side of a town to the other with out passing a pub? By going in them all!

    Sorry my Saint Paddy’s cards (you, Regis Philbin, …….) came out late. I gained some weight and I’ve ‘been thick’ ………..

    Keep chipping away at the %@&$#@ establishment! I do not know what good we are doing —– but hopefully some Dem or GOP is losing sleep some where. When I think of what our grand children will be subjected to ………

  7. Warm Glass of Milk

    If I were a candidate, I would bring the Green Party get much closer to victory than any other ever before.

    Sadly, I can’t tell you my secret plan.

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