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MS: Three Minor Parties Enter Candidates in 2011 Mississippi Legislative Races

From an article published June 12th, 2011, on

Mississippi elects all of its state legislators in the odd years before presidential elections. All legislators have 4-year terms. In the 2011 election, the Libertarian, Reform, and Constitution Parties have candidates for the legislature. The Libertarians are: Harold M. Taylor, Sean Holmes, Jan “Jay” Butler, and Donna Knezevich (all are running for State House). The Reform Party candidates are Lajena Williams, Yasming Johnson (each running for State Senate), and Randy Walker (for State House). The Constitution Party candidate is James Overstreet (for State Senate).

The Libertarian Party has never before had any nominees for the Mississippi State House, although it had one for Mississippi State Senate in 1995. The Reform Party has never before had any nominees for the Mississippi legislature. The Constitution Party had eight nominees for the Mississippi legislature in 2007.

Mississippi is also electing its state executive positions this year. The Reform Party is the only minor party that has any statewide nominees. There is also one independent running for Governor. There are twelve independent candidates for the legislature this year.

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From the IPR Editor — further reading:

Click here for the MS Board of Elections’ official list of state house & senate candidates.


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