New York Conservative Party in Position to Injure Two of the Four Republican State Senators who Voted For Same-Sex Marriage

From an article published on on June 26th, 2011

The story of the New York State Senate vote on same-sex marriage on the evening of June 24 has been well-reported. Many news stories, including this one, mention that the Conservative Party of New York says it will not cross-endorse any Republican State Senator who voted in favor of the bill.

Two of the four Republican State Senators who voted in favor of the bill are in close districts, and in 2010 they needed the Conservative Party vote. In the 55th district in Rochester, James Alesi’s margin over his Democratic opponent was 6,862 votes, and Alesi enjoyed the support of the Conservative and Independence Parties. He received 7,970 votes on the Conservative line and 3,914 on the Independence line.

In the 60th district near Buffalo, Mark Grisanti’s margin over his Democratic opponent was 519 votes. Grisanti received 4,368 votes on the Conservative line. The Independence Party did not contest this district.

Of course, in 2012, the district boundaries will have been redrawn, so what happened in 2010 doesn’t necessarily mean a great deal for the next election.

See the original article, with comments, here.

11 thoughts on “New York Conservative Party in Position to Injure Two of the Four Republican State Senators who Voted For Same-Sex Marriage

  1. Jill Pyeatt

    It never ceases to amaze me how some people think it’s their absolute right to tell other people how to live. Note to haters: Gay people have been allowed to marry in a few states, and the world has kept going on. Your marriage hasn’t been threatened by it. SHUT UP already!

  2. Tully Fitzsimmons

    Conservative Party threats are completely empty. First of all, the Conservative Party is so weak that when its own leadership is challenged from within, they call upon the Republican Party to do their campaigning for them. They HAVE NO WORKERS…they have Mike Long with a big mouth (and opposition from other Conservative Party leaders). Second, the Districts will be different in 2012, and you can be sure that Skelos promised them safer districts so the Conservative endorsement will be superfluous. Lastly, the Independence Party will play a large role in protecting pro-equality Republicans. Mike Long has been around too long at the helm of a Dinosaur, and now would be a great time for him to step down.

  3. Michael Cavlan RN

    Stop The Presses

    Wayne Alan Root releases statement condemning this attack on Liberty.

    Oh wait, silly me.
    Of course he will not.. If he did he might loose his spot on Faux News

  4. Kimberly Wilder

    Well…I don’t like the “top down” policy of either of these parties or promises, but…

    Leaders in the Conservative Party seem to be saying that they will not give Republicans the Conservative line if they voted for same-sex marriage.

    But, I believe that Frank MacKay, the leader of the Independence Party in NY, said his party would specifically support any Republican who voted for same-sex marriage.

    So, I don’t know how these leaders think (or can) control their parties. But, I think that the Conservative Party temper tantrum will be washed out by other folks who are supportive.

  5. Eric Sundwall

    Perhaps they will develop the intestinal fortitude to run their own folks for a change, not.

  6. Don Grundmann

    ” It never ceases to amaze me how some people think it’s their absolute right to tell other people how to live. Note to haters:”

    Response – Of course when the sodomy movement finally comes out in the open ( as they are already starting to do ) regarding sodomizing children the same defenders of pervert marriage will use the same arguments in defense of sodomizing children. They will, as now, not lift a finger in defense of children as the protection and polishing of their own ego is the bottom line of their existence. After all anyone who opposes such crimes against children is obviously a ” hater ” and has no right to tell other people ” how to live.” Thankfully Devvy Kidd puts it out well in her article below. It all boils to to Christian morality vs. anti-Christian morality; especially as farted out by ” boutique/buffet fake ” Christians.”


    By: Devvy
    June 27, 2011

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  7. Michael Cavlan RN

    Hey Folks

    the religious nut job, fruitloops must be going nuts after New York state. Because now same sex marriage is THE LAW. Congrats to the “queers” from a “breeder” ally.

    Oh and my commentary about Wayne Root stands.



  8. Jinn N. Jooz

    Re; “breeder”

    What do gays call non-reproductive heterosexuals? And since non-reproductive heterosexuals have long been able to legally marry – this includes infertile couples, those too old to have children, those who choose not to have children and in some cases have had operations to insure it — obviously, gay couples should be able to get married….how anyone can thing otherwise is beyond me.

    As for “traditional marriage”…

    That included arranged marriage, polygamy, marriage to pre-pubescent girls, forced marriage… for thousands of years, until very recently in the western world, and to this day in developing nations.

    Inter-“racial” marriage was illegal in many parts of the US until the 1960s.

    What tradition are we talking about exactly?

  9. Herr O'Dawg

    The same sex marriage we should worry is not those between consenting adult men or consenting adult women, but those between big government and big corporations and between the leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties.

    These unnatural unions involve all of us as unconsenting parties to the marriage. We get treated as children while getting screwed from both ends.

    It’s time to outlaw those same-sex marriages between large institutions, at the expense of the rest of us.

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