Green Party and Working Families Party to defend Occupy Wall Street from eviction

Occupy Wall Street has been occupying Liberty Square/Zucotti Park for over three weeks. Mayor Bloomberg and the owner of the park have threatened to force demonstrators to leave for a cleaning, and after the cleaning, to not allow any sleeping bags or personal items on the ground after that time. The demonstrators are basically being threatened with eviction early tomorrow morning. Eviction can be a touch subject to those who experience it, on both sides. while many sides with the family who are being asked to leave a place they called their home, due to a number of issues, whether it’s the inability to pay their rent, due to unforeseen circumstances such as a bill or life issues. Landlords are often left to try and pick up the pieces and finds other ways to pay their mortgages for their properties when they are faced with unruly and uncooperative tenants. If you’re a landlord and you are experiencing this, you might want to get in touch with someone similar to Express Evictions for legal help and advice.

The Chairman of The Working Families Party in New York sent out a memo decrying the Mayor’s decision. And, The Working Families Party did an action alert for a press conference, and for people to come gather at Liberty Square tomorrow at 6am.

The national Green Party website also featured a call from New York City greens to come to the park this evening, and help with the scrubbing and cleanup.

From the Green Party NYC website:

We need a hardcore Green Cleanup Team TONIGHT at Occupy Wall Street.

Mayor Bloomberg wants Occupiers to “temporarily” leave Zuccotti Park on Friday so NYC Sanitation can clean the park, but City Hall and the NYPD have proved they cannot be trusted to respect protestors’ rights or safety. So tonight (Thursday 11/13) the Occupation is staging a Community Cleanup to eliminate this pretext for evicting a peaceful demonstration.

Reach out to friends/family/anyone to donate or purchase:

-brooms, dust pans and mops
-squeegees and buckets
-garbage bags
-power washers and any other cleaning supplies

Donations go to the Sanitation Station at Zuccotti Park.

Join us TONIGHT, after the General Assembly (which tend to end between 9pm and 10pm), so the Greens can join the full-camp cleanup session. Be seen being Green, and HELP US CLEAN!

Zuccotti Park is at the corner of Liberty Street and Broadway, take the 4/5 to Wall Street or the N/R to Rector Street. Call Michael at 917-xxx-xxxx or email michael at gpbk dot org with questions…

Thanks for your hard work and dedication!

9 thoughts on “Green Party and Working Families Party to defend Occupy Wall Street from eviction

  1. history ----- on the current system .... Lake

    Occupy SD told to pack up; faction heads to Balboa Park.

    Police told protesters with the Occupy San Diego movement Thursday they had to move all tents, tables and chairs in the Civic Center concourse before midnight or have their property impounded and possibly face arrest.

    NYC protesters clean up camp, prepare to resist

    other sources: San Francisco, LA, Atlanta

  2. Deran

    I worry that the WFP is a trojan horse to get the Democrats incontrol of the Occupy movement. WFP has run a few candidates independently, but their leadership is solidly Democratic.

    If the Greens can provide additional bodies this is good, but I can’t imagine the Occupy… movement taking the GP seriously, considering their long steady decline.

  3. Leaving a Paper Trail :

    Week ending Friday October 14, 2011

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    NYT Editorial: Protesters Against Wall Street

    Postus Scriptum: I am aware that Tish and I are not the only ones mailing coloring books to the George W. Bush Presidential Library. Is any one else forwarding OWS stories with Tennimen Square comments ??????

  4. Kimberly Wilder

    @Deran – Well, I know that the Working Famlies Party is up to stuff. They have been listed at the Occupy Site on a list of endorsers, in the category of “union”. Which is bogus. They are a political party.

    Also, the Greens do not get listed at all. Though, they are supporting on their list-serves and press releases. (It could be the greens not asking to be listed, I am not sure, since I am not a green.)

    I do hope that greens as individuals and activists continue to visit and support the movement. Eventually, Occupy Wall Street will figure out the power of the green values and message, and hopefully absorb it into their vision.

  5. Michael Cavlan RN

    I have been active both as a candy-date and as a Street Medic from day one at the Minnesota Occupation

    Just a heads up

    Been far too busy to post here.

    As an aside- I am also getting married in a week

    Go figure–lol

  6. Leaving a Paper Trail [don lake]

    Micheal, no, no, no: turn from the dark side.

    Lake TRUISM: “Never married, never divorced!”

    Just Kidding, best wishes from my little, bitter, but faithfully voting activists group.

    Any replicants / knock offs in the offing?

    [ABC News] Protesters Take Times Square

    On Saturday, thousands of Occupy Wall Street protesters took their act to Broadway, marching from their encampment in a downtown Manhattan park to Times Square, as the movement went global with demonstrations in major cities around the world.

    The scene in Times Square was loud and tense, but without any violence, though the New York Police Department said there were 74 arrests throughout the course of the day.

    Police penned in the thousands of protesters in a three-block-long area, but the officers on the scene seemed more focused on traffic control than on any confrontation with the marchers.

    Despite the loud chants and bongos of the demonstrators, police managed to keep the throngs of tourists moving pretty smoothly past the protest.

    After demonstrating in Times Square for several hours, the protesters marched back downtown.

    ABC News’ TJ Winick, ABC News Radio and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

    More from ABC News

    Occupy Wall Street Hits Times Square
    Meet the Faces of Occupy Wall St.

    Pelosi Supports Frustrated Protesters

    Democrats Seek to Own ‘Occupy’ Movement

  7. Leaving a Paper Trail [don lake]


    One Response from Citizens For A Better Veterans Home, on October 19, 2011, at 12:10 am said:

    Wilders, quit sending stuff to me.

    Cease and Cease

    It took contacting Yahoo! to get you bums to quit last time!

    Greens do not like you.

    New Yorkers do not like you.

    Long Islanders do not like you.

    Progressives do not like you.

    Don Lake does not like you.

    Stop it spot it


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