FOXNEWS: Johnson: “Doing Better Than Most People Realize”

In an opinion piece by contributor Joe Trippi titled “Why Gary Johnson could cost Obama or Romney a win in 2012” published earlier today on, Mr. Trippi concludes:

Johnson could make a major dent in the general election — because he is currently doing better than most people realize in several key swing states. . . . both campaigns should be looking over their shoulders at that guy almost nobody is talking about.

The article cites data indicating in some states Governor Johnson pulls more support from Romney than Obama; in other states pulls more from Obama than Romney; and complains that: “We have no idea of what happens when you add Gary Johnson to presidential polls in places like Ohio or Florida or Iowa . . . because few pollsters have bothered to ask the question.”

The complete article is available online at:

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Joe Trippi is a Fox News contributor and political strategist who has worked for Ted Kennedy, Walter Mondale and Gary Hart and turned Howard Dean into an unlikely presidential front runner in 2004. For more visit


8 thoughts on “FOXNEWS: Johnson: “Doing Better Than Most People Realize”

  1. Steven Wilson

    There are some people starting to take a look at Johnson in Callaway and Osage counties here in Missouri. I think Ron Paul stepping down has left a void here. I can’t say if the RP nation will show and pick his name, but they are starting to talk about him.

    I think Johnson, if he sticks to New Mexico history and finances, will gradually win over some budget hawk voters.

    I am his presidential elector here in the 3rd and a candidate in the 3rd.People are asking me about Gary Johnson Gear. Yard signs and the such.

    Pleasant surprise. If it lasts into October, maybe he can bottle thunder. Maybe. Cheers.

  2. Curt Boyd

    Johnson is the LP’s best chance for 1 million votes. If the momentum continues, maybe 5% of the vote.

  3. Austin Battenberg

    Why does the media continue to say that Gary Johnson has only been in one debate when he has been two? They usually only mention the debate where he had the dog joke, but he was also in the very first debate. This is just bad reporting.

  4. Melty

    no kiddin? so they aint countin the first debate, on account o it was prior to the first debate with Romney in it eh? sho nuf bad reportin

  5. Starchild

    Austin @4 – Thank you for mentioning that. After seeing a story making that claim again recently, I was beginning to question the accuracy of my own recollection that he had been in two debates.

    And I wonder whether the theory advanced by Melty @5 has something to do with it. Hope not. It’s not good when the news starts making people feel like Winston Smith.

    On a brighter note, I spotted a recent letter to the editor in the print version of the San Francisco Chronicle from someone whose name I didn’t recognize, complaining that the paper was ignoring Gary Johnson. That seems like a good sign.

  6. Starchild

    Paulie @6 – That’s a great ad. Good to use the Ventura endorsement.

    I’m not crazy about the final line though, which the campaign itself has unfortunately been using — “Be libertarian with me one time”.

    My guess is they weren’t really thinking about this and didn’t intend any harm with it, but the implicit message is, “Don’t vote for any other Libertarian candidates this year or in the future. Just a vote for Gary Johnson in 2012 will be enough.”

    That is obviously not advice we want people to follow, and since we know we plan to ask people to vote libertarian again, it borders on dishonest. (I say “borders” only because one could next say, “Be libertarian one more time”, but that of course does not square with the readiest meaning of the initial appeal to be libertarian “one time”.)

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