Pro-Marijuana Grassroots Party Nominates Presidential Ticket and Achieves Ballot Access

Richard Winger reports at Ballot Access News that the pro-marijuana Grassroots Party is on the ballot in Minnesota and has nominated Jim Carlson for president and George McMahon for vice president.

Carlson is the owner of  Duluth’s “The Last Place on Earth”, which sells synthetic drugs, bongs, paraphernalia, and sex toys.  This article from the Star Tribune chronicles Carlson and his shop.

McMahon, a sufferer of Nail-Patella Syndrome from Iowa, is one of four participants in the Compassionate Investigational New Drug program, and uses marijuana grown by the government to relieve his symptoms.  He is chronicled in this series of YouTube videos.

In addition, the Grassroots Party will list U.S. Senate nominee Tim Davis on the Minnesota ballot in November, and will attempt to have its presidential ticket appear on other state ballots.

10 thoughts on “Pro-Marijuana Grassroots Party Nominates Presidential Ticket and Achieves Ballot Access

  1. DoranDoran

    As a an active LPer I understand wanting to keep your ticket to your party, but if there was ever a time to consider endorsing another party wouldn’t it be the “pro-marijuana party” endorsing Gary Johnson and Jim Gray of the LP? Both of these guys are decades long MJ legalization advocates.

    Are there other major issues in their platform that differ from the LP?

  2. Oranje Mike

    #2, According to Wikipedia the Grassroots Party is leftist and “shares political values” with the Greens. Socialists don’t like the LP very much.

  3. Deran

    The Grassroots Party, at least in the 90s, was more left libertarian than “socialist”. The Greens are “socialist” either. more eco-social-democrats.

  4. Ad Hoc

    They are about the marijuana issue first and foremost and may not all agree on the other issues, or may not be as “extreme” as either the Libertarians or Greens on those.

  5. Steve

    I met George McMahon when we were working with the Iowa Board of Pharmacy to introduce medical marijuana. They recommended that the legislature create a program for it, but the bill was defeated. If Governor Johnson and Judge Gray weren’t on the ballot, I’d split my vote and write him in for VP.

    It seems Carlson has some money and Iowa has relatively easy ballot access, I wonder if they’ll try for it it here or if they’d be willing to ask their Iowa followers to cast a ballot for the LP.

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